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Only Women With Big Boobs Can Truly Understand What Violet Is Going Through


Violet was sleeping one night when she felt something pressing her down and choking her,  it was her breasts.

“Since then, I don’t sleep on my back. I sleep sideways,” she told BBCNewsPidgin.

A mother of two children, Violet said, after childbirth, her breasts do not even produce as much milk as she wants but are usually very heavy.

“Some people’s breasts are big but light, but mine is big and heavy. I can’t buy a bra in the market; I always have to sew it,” she said.

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According to Wikipedia, Violet’s condition is referred to as breast hypertrophy- a rare medical condition of the breast connective tissues in which the breasts become excessively large. The condition is often divided into two types, based on the severity, macromastia and gigantomastia.

Science is yet to know the cause of this condition, however, a cosmetic surgeon Dr. Aranmolate Ayobami told BBC, it’s not something to worry about.  According to him, such breasts are often referred to as big or giant breast.

He explained that a woman who complains of back ache, bra lines, injury or a woman whose breast is too big for her size and age has big or giant breasts.

“A woman above D cup, has a big breast. The moment you get to start using a E, G, H cup size, you have a big breast. An average woman is supposed to wear between C and D cup size.”

For Violet, she says that the only solution for her is to “get money so that I can go for a breast reduction.”

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