She Has Been There and She Has Many Good Things to Say About Life In Canada!


It is no news that many Nigerians have relocated to Canada in the past few years and even many more are planning to. While many people have advised that life in Canada is not as rosy as Nigerians think, Adeola Fayehun says it is still worth considering for these reasons.


Healthcare system

The healthcare system is free in Canada. The joy of going to the hospital and not having to worry about the bill is huge. The healthcare system in Canada is like MediCare in the US except its for everybody in Canada, but you have to be a resident/citizen in Canada to qualify for it. the free healthcare covers everything except the prescription drugs, glasses and dental care but most people have insurance that covers them. So, the healthcare system is the first thing that attracts people to Canada.

Maternity leave

You can get about a year of maternity leave in Canada. But you must have worked in a company for at least 6 months before you are entitled to it. you can get up to 17 weeks and after that, you and your husband can share 35 weeks. That means your husband can also take time off work and look after the baby. it’s a family friendly place to live.

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Gun control

In Canada, there’s a strict gun control that makes it hard for people to lay their hands on gun, that’s why Canada has less gun violence compared to the US.

Land mass

Canada is huge and the population is only 35 million.


There’s nobody looking at you funny because of your race. Its so diverse that you see people from different part of the world and cultures.

International students

Canada is really good to international students. The fact that you can work on and off campus is good.

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1 Comment

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    Wunmi Idowu

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