The Worst Experience Linda Ikeji Has Had With Blogging


Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji was a guest on Against The Odds with Peace Hyde and she talked about her journey into the world of blogging and making a success out of it.

“Hi, my name is Linda. I am 26,” Linda recalls her first post on her blog when she started in November 2006. Infact, she had no plans for what she was going to write on the blog or how it was going to turn out later, she just loved the idea of blogging.

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10 years later, she bought a mansion from the business and also began other new businesses. Coming this far was definitely through hardwork but there are also lessons entrepreneurs can take away from this.

Gradual growth

To be honest, if anybody had told me when I started the blog in 2006 that 10 years later, this is what it would become, I’ll probably laught at them. I absolutely didn’t think it was possible. Recently, I was going through my stats and I was just amazed at how far I had come. From 4 views to 10 views to 300, 3000, 300, 000  to 3million and so on, it was a gradual growth. And a lot of people say she got lucky. Yes, I think I got the first movers advantage because I made celebrity blogging popular but I really put a lot of my soul, my heart and hardwork into it and I wasn’t putting all that hardwork into it because I was hoping to make money.

Do your thing

When I started, I wasn’t in competition with anyone. There was no gossip blog at the time, so I took advantage of it.

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Your reaction to challenges matters

October 9th, 2014 was the day my blog was shut down because of someone who had a problem with me. I was blogging one day and I wanted to post something and it didn’t go through. Later, I saw the blog had been removed. Then, I went on twitter and I saw the person behind it gloating. Many people were sad by it and there were also others who were happy. And I just felt sorry for them because they didn’t know who they were dealing with, because you can get me down temporarily but you can’t keep me down. That’s the worst experience I’ve had with blogging but it lasted for just two days and we moved on and its been great since then.



  1. Besse Koffi

    Besse Koffi

    May 28, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Tu es joviale !

  2. Faithfranklin Faith

    Faithfranklin Faith

    May 29, 2018 at 9:16 am

    One can bring your flesh down but the Spirit by its Destiny can’t be kept down, three days Jesus rose again

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