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A Mother’s Shocking Experience at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital


A mother of three, Omolade Adebisi Abiara shared her experience at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital and it is quite pathetic to know that the country’s healthcare system continues to fail people every day.

Omolade’s daughter has pus oozing in her ears and she visited the hospital for a checkup but she was asked to come back six months later before she could see a doctor.

This is after she had waited for over five hours before she was attended to. A young lady she met at the hospital told her that she had to bribe one of the staff for her appointment to be shifted nearer as she was also asked to come in six months.

She wrote,

#TEMPORARYPOST… So I was at Lagos University teaching hospital Ikeja #lasuth yesterday after being referred from Isolo general hospital for medical attention on my daughter’s ear, I got to the hsp few minutes past 6am and I was called exactly 11.30am, only for the ADMIN to write on my referral letter that my appointment to see the doctors is November!!!! 6months from now??? I was very.

I was practically begging them that at least I need to see the doctor for first aid, all I was told after my talk talk and long lamentation is that ..Its their protocol and there is nothing they can do about it.. My own case is very mild Compare to one young lady I met there, she narrated all she has been through since 10yrs and it’s been from one hospital to the other, what I saw dripping from her ear is thicker than Mucus,she said aunty it is chronic..

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These pple were not interested in knowing how urgent anyone’s case is.. THEY ALSO GAVE HER NOVEMBER APPOINTMENT. she had to give them money for them to change the appointment to next month according to her… Where are we going in Nigeria, What’s the way forward pls? The menance in goverment hospital is now out of the world, the health care staffs in Nigeria are to safe us but they don’t care anymore, in as much it doesn’t involve their family member, I had my 3kids at the government hsp and I know their way, is it from insult or their carefree attitude?

Most times I calm other patients down to be gentle with them cos they are human like us and they get tired too…. But the height of it is risking our lives…. How can you tell me to go back home and come back November without seeing a doctor at all, I think it’s the duty of a doctor to tell me when to come back after seeing the situation if it’s mild or needs urgent care..

This is a child I had in this same hsp… After I told few friends, they advised I go to some specialist hsp like redington, lagoon and it’s likes… Hmmmmmm.. We all know what’s involve. why do I have to suffer being a citizen.. Goverment pls help us….

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