A Woman’s 10-Year Journey of Mothering a Special Needs Child


“I waited 5 years before Justin could call me Mummy. It was the sweetest word ever!” Opeyemi Ogungbemi-Ebagua said as she recounts her journey to becoming a mother to a special needs son, who is celebrating his 10 years birthday.

According to her, it took 24 hours of labour before her doctor decided she would undergo a cesarean section as she was not dilating.

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“Finally this baby came out and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my 25 years. I’m grateful for this gift…” she wrote.

15 months later, Opeyemi noticed her son wasn’t blabbing as is expected of babies but her mum told not to be bothered.

Still concerned, she told a friend who introduced her to a doctor and she was told that her son had autism-a developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact.

“I remember getting an appointment for evaluation and then my world became dark when Dr Grace broke the news to me and my husband that Justin might be under the spectrum of Autism… I went online and read about different cases, watched videos on YouTube. It was like my world is coming to an end. And that was how we started the journey.. It was challenging both mentally and financially.”

Opeyemi explained that she had to change her son’s school many times, “I remember days of changing schools. I get calls like ‘please come pick your child’ regularly.” Thankfully, she was surrounded by people who encouraged her.

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To mums who have special needs children, Opeyemi advises,

“I am writing this to encourage whoever is going through this that God will never forsake u and your child. Keep at doing your best for your child. And lastly, early intervention is key to defeating Autism. I didn’t stop Justin’s therapy and today I’m happy I stood by my decision to fight it to the end.”

Im grateful to my father for the golden opportunity to witness 10years of God's goodness in my son's life. I will start…

Posted by Opeyemi Ogungbemi-Ebagua on Friday, June 1, 2018

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