Adebimpe Adebambo Was Inspired by Lion King to Write an African Animated Film Titled ‘Tejumade’



Adebimpe Adebabambo is the visual artist telling African stories through the cartoon she produces.

In 1994, Adebimpe saw the film, ‘Lion King’ and it inspired her to write her own story, titled, Tejumade. She then wrote to Walt Disney that she would like them to produce it but she got a reply in 1997 that they couldn’t produce a story that isn’t theirs.

23 years later, Adebimpe produced ‘Tejumade’ and it has shown on different international platforms as Silicon Valley African film festival, Ndiva Women’s film festival and Cardiff International film festival for 2017.

Adebimpe hopes that the support for the Nigerian animation industry will improve with time.

About the cartoon, Tejumade

Apata is a beautiful and peaceful kingdom but this ethereal set up is threatened by the circumstances of the birth of princess Tejumade—a gift to the royal family through the magical powers of the great Iroko tree and its emissary; Baba Ogbon. She must journey to the dreaded forest to obtain the last gold leaf from the great Iroko tree otherwise, Apata will be destroyed forever. Ika, the evil water spirit stands between her and the safety of her kingdom.

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Yesterday was a mixed bag of emotions- highs and lows. I had hoped to make the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant selection. Over 150,000 entrepreneurs from all over Africa from ages 18 to over 60, applied. Only 1,000 are selected across the African continent. I have friends who got the grant and their ideas and projects spanned across jewellery production,recycling waste,animation, fashion, furniture production etc. I really looked forward to the mentorship, training and access to other 999 entrepreneurs. Even though the money available is 5,000 usd in local currency, I had hoped to get it so I could produce one episode of the Tejumade series i have in mind. But a video with Tony Elumelu himself speaking to the entrepreneurs not shortlisted found its way to my inbox. Also yesterday, I got the final confirmation that Bookcraft Africa will publish the Tejumade storybook. Remember this journey started in 1994. With the 2 different pieces of information, I knew I had to commence illustrations for the book asap. I wish to launch this book on the 22nd of October 2018 if God wills. So i called up the extremely talented creative who developed all the characters and created the doe-eyed Tejumade everyone is in love with asking, that even though his schedule doesn't give him breathing space, he needed to bring me and the project to life with whatever he could do. So Matthias Aragbada the brains/ heart behind Dudutoonz Nigeria, Adulawo entertainment, a forthcoming fashion label, and so many other things this space cant take sent me this work in progress sketch today and I have just been staring at it. #womenincreativearts @dudutoonznigeria Thank you for lifting my spirits.. #tejumadetheproject

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#mondaymotivation This beautiful is what I woke up to this morning 😍😍 and she still in progress…. Issa rosy cheeked, healthy,adventure loving, kind hearted, teenage Yoruba princess.. She was sent to me by my the ogbonge all round creative – Alagba Matthias Aragbada of @dudutoonznigeria Thanks Matt for the surprise because I am sure you know I had kind of given up getting this from you because of your crazy schedule 👏👏. This is just a lesson for me never to give up and that persistence and getting under people's skin will eventually be rewarded 😁 And no, I am not such a bad 'chinch'😅 Matthias developed most of the characters for my Tejumade animation and after spending a whole day (morning to night actually) with him at his studio,he came up with the beautiful version of Tejumade everyone has been loving even though it was just a portrait. I went on to work with that portrait for all I have done on the film and have different interpretations the different artists who worked on the project. Matt said no matter what, he will complete what he started so here is another angle of my girl Tejumade. You like? I love ❤😊!! #art #artist #animation #drawing #illustration #visualdevelopment #characterdesign #tejumadeanimationshort #tejumadetheseries #tejumadetheproject #tejumadeanimatedfeature #tejumadethestorybook #womeninfilmandtv #womenincreativearts #womeninanimation #blackexcellence #girlchild #africanstories #culture #heritage #blackandproud #writerproducerdirector #womanentrepreneur @dudutoonznigeria E se pupo sa! 🙌 @artofmichael_okoroagha @rendermax_studios @novat_studios @orangevfxstudios

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