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Born Without Limbs, Hands and Knees, Sinikwe Is Living Her Life The Best Way She Knows


Sinikwe Kademaunga, a 24 years old woman from Zimbabwe was 15 when she realised she didn’t fit into the society’s standard of beauty.

Born without limbs, hands, knees and short in stature; it was very hard for her family to accept her disability because children with disabilities were often seen as a curse from the gods. Thankfully, she had a grandmother who understood and accepted her.

Growing up without limbs was difficult especially when she is in public places. She’s either laughed at or stared at and this made her realise that she was different.

With that realisation, she decided she was just going to love herself.

“I have to be kind to myself, I have to love my body because if I don’t love my body, who’s going to love me? and I realise that this is the body that God gave me and I’m going to live in this body forever so I just have to love myself and accept that this is who I am,” she told Barcroft TV

Most of the things she knew how to do came naturally to her. She can eat by herself, write and do her own makeup.



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