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Misbah Shares What It Is Like To Have Both The Male And Female Reproductive System


Misbah, a Nigerian man has shared his experience as an intersex.

Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies. Misbah was seven years old when he realized he was different from the other children.

“I have breasts. I have male and female genitals. I menstruate. I was not more than seven years old when I realized that I have this condition. I felt bad. Honestly, I feel bad within me. I also feel bad outside too. It makes me cry because I can’t do anything about it. This is how God created me,” he tells BBC

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Growing up, he thought of taking his own life but his parents advised him against it. He also tried relocating but he decided against it when he felt that wherever he went to, it was a matter of time before people there knew his condition.

Misbah identifies as a man and had a surgery and hormone treatment.

“When they started, they removed the breasts from my chest and the organ through which I menstruate has been removed.”

As expected, there are stigmas attached to being different and Misbah suffered from it.

“I used to go to school before but because of the way people made fun of me, I stopped going to school. Some would even laugh at me to my face. They would go and make fun of me behind my back. At one point, I wanted to kill myself or else, go somewhere where I am not known. But then, I think, if I do go, they will also find out about my condition. That is why I just thought that killing myself is the best option, but my parents stopped me from doing it.”

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