She Is No Longer the “Little Benita” But Some People Find It Hard To Accept That


Hearing her mum sing and the desire to sound like her made Benita Okojie fall in love with music. Her dad took it to the next level and her journey to becoming a star began at the tender age of 8.

Now a grown up  and a mother of one, many people are yet to get over that ‘little Benita.’ Even though she has released songs as an adult, she still hear people say that they preferred her songs as a child.

Although, it could be tiring, Benita reveals that she’s learning to appreciate the little girl she was once.

She said,

Yes, it gets tiring though. Its just seems like people are still in love with that little Benita and even though I have evolved, I have grown, people don’t want to get over the little Benita. But I think I have learnt now to appreciate the little girl that I was. I look at my life now and as an introvert, I don’t know how I was able to do all the things that I did then. I watch those video and I feel like that Benita is my hero because I didn’t even know what I was doing anyway but I was just doing what my parents wanted me to do.

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I have learnt a lot of lessons from the little Benita and I’m trying to be a better version now that I am older. Although, there is pressure now because you hear people say that ‘I’ve listened to her new song but I’m still in love with the little Benita compared to the older Benita’ but I’ve learnt not to let people’s standard be my own standard. Regardless of what people think, I still feel like I’m unique and I still have my voice and I’m more grown up, so, I would definitely not sing the way I used to sing, I wouldn’t do songs that I did then now. But I’m learning to improve on myself and do better.

My story will never be complete if you don’t talk about the child star, so, i have embraced the little Benita and I know that the little Benita is the beginning for greater things.

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