In a Simple Sentence, Toolz Explains How We Can Be There For People Who Are Grieving


Last year, someone close to me lost her mom. Although, I sent a message to sympathize with the person, I didn’t reach out to her again because I didn’t just know what to say.

Days rolled into weeks and then months and I still didn’t reach out. Then, one day, I got a call from this person rebuking me for not reaching out to her. I felt very bad and explained it was because I didn’t know what to say.

Just like me, many of us do not know the right words to say to a person who is grieving, so, to avoid saying the wrong thing, we prefer leaving them alone.

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While this is understandable, leaving people to their grief is not a good thing to do. Whether by text messages or short calls will go a long way to make them know that they are not alone in their low moments.

Media personality, Toolz who lost her baby last year, was asked in an interview with Genevieve magazine how people can be there for their loved ones who are grieving and she answered in a simple sentence…it is really that simple.

She said,

Check on them – just a call or message checking how they are doing could be a massive help. We are all going through different issues, but taking a moment out to check on a loved one is very important. Don’t mind your own business (to a certain extent of course) there’s interfering and then there’s making sure someone is ok.

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