Things My Parents Did – That I Wouldn’t Do



Yetunde Edunjobi, a mother of one and a vlogger talks about the things her parents did while raising her that she would not to do with her daughter.

She said,

No promises: my parents would promise me loads of things when I was younger and I did not use to get them.

Smacking: I feel that it’s counter-productive. I don’t think its positive discipline. A lot of people like to use the bible as an example. The scripture where it says that spare the rod and spoil the child. Much of the bible is written in parables and people take that literally. Its not a literal thing, I believe its talking about discipline, if you don’t discipline your child, you will spoil the child. Also, I don’t think that smacking is a response of self-control.

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Apologizing: My parents never apologize when they got something wrong or they punish me for something that I did not do. They never say sorry. I think it’s important for your child to know that when you are wrong, no matter who you are, it’s good to admit things and let things up. I find it important and I hope I can commit to do that.

Shouting: It’s easy to get into this. I think shouting is just part of our makeup in Nigeria, especially as a Yoruba woman. We just shout. I don’t want to be a shouter. When my parents do shout my name, I get scared. I’m a no-shout mum.

The silent treatment: When I do something wrong, I feel like the silent treatment is worse than spanking. Although, it can have its advantage on children.

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