This Is For Women Who Are Not Progressing Because a Man Told Them to Stop Doing the Things That Would Have Helped Them


A twitter user, Vashti is encouraging women to have their own money so that they can take advantage of opportunity when it comes knocking.

Sharing a family experience, Vashti said her mother had the opportunity to buy a land in Port Harcourt for N350, 000 some years ago but her father was against it, saying that women shouldn’t be buying lands.

Today, the same land is worth 120 million naira!

She tweeted,

So my mum wanted to buy this land that was worth 350 thousand a while back and the misogyny in my dad started showing..he kept saying,’women shouldn’t be talking about lands..women shouldn’t be into things like this’..of course my mum went ahead and bought the land

Caused a big quarrel…ndi submission were yelling and yelling but mumsy didn’t even send anyone.she was still urging my dad to buy the land next to hers and man still kept forming one thing one thing…

Today that land my mum bought for 350 thousand naira is worth over 120 million naira ..she developed and built things on it and people are asking her to pay 200 million naira to buy the whole property…my dad is shaking literally

Misogyny will continue to deal with men until they realize that it’s something they need to do away with.imagine if my dad had listened and decided to buy the land next to my mum’s…imagine if my mum started forming ‘Submission’ and ended up not buying that land?

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Today,all the places my mother went out of her way to buy properties,are worth so much more than the places he bought…of course she never told him about the other places cos he would have discouraged her. Today  he’s regretting all that

So many lessons to be learnt .so many. its important that as a woman,that you have some money for yourself.biko!!!imagine my mum not having 350K to buy a land that’s worth over 120 million naira now..she would have missed out on that opportunity

Imagine if she started forming ‘submission’ …sometimes you have to query what you are ‘submitting’ to…so many of you are not progressing because you stop doing the things that would have helped you,because a man said so!!!

‘Stop that business,it’s not helping you give me attention’.’don’t read that course,you won’t have time for the family’.so many women are basic with potentials wasting because they are trying to fit into what a man wants

My mother can afford to buy whatever she wants and do a lot of things now because she listened to her instincts from the beginning…

Pay attention to the women in your lives…women are such good custodians of wealth and ideas that bring wealth…don’t let your misogyny make you miss out from amazing ideas from women…

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