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10 Naija Women Share One Important Thing About Being a Woman Their Daughters Should Know


There is so much to tell one’s children as they grow up.  However, if asked about the one thing a woman wants her daughter to know, what would you say? We have compiled responses from 10  Nigerian women about the special facts they would want their daughters to know:

What is yours?


“I want my daughter to know that there is no limitation to what she can do and who she can be in this world.”


“You are human and you are enough to be whatever and I mean WHATEVER you want to be. Be you with pride.”


“That she can achieve anything she sets her mind to achieve.”

“I want my daughter to know that it is very important to celebrate her small victories. Life in mortality is probationary and so there’s no time to live in regrets. It is the small victories that make up the big successes.”

“That there are no rules to being a woman. Do what you want, as long as it gives you peace.”


“That she can have it all, a loving family, a wonderful career and be anything she dreams of.”


“I want Nifemi to know that she can be anything she wants to be and she does not have to fit into any mould. I want her to know she has greatness inside of her.”


“A woman should learn to be independent, especially when it comes to fending for herself. She shouldn’t be a leech wanting to live off men or even other women. That’s one thing I would want my daughter to know.”


“It’s sad that this still has to be said in this time and age, but I’d tell her, ‘Darling, you can do ANYTHING, be ANYTHING, because a woman is not synonymous with weakness or being less or inferior, and a capital W is shaped like a crown because Elizabeth is not the only queen in the world’.


“She must be independent and self sufficient. Of course, her source will be God and God alone. But she must work hard and not depend on anyone for her livelihood.”



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1 Comment

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