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10 Nigerian Women Tell Us What They Think Is The Most Important Benefit Of Marriage


With the tales of woes of some marriage being reported everyday, the importance of marriage is questioned. In fact, many single women have expressed their fears of marriage.

A twitter user, @Mochievous tweeted, asking if there was any benefits in marriage for women especially and Nigerian women responded, letting her know that marriage with the right person is fun and full of benefits.

So, we extracted the responses of 10 Naija women whose benefits may differ but means a whole lot to them.


The intimacy of having a very kind partner that I know genuinely wants the best for me. Constantly cheering me on and making even the small things so much easier. Also spending someone else’s money in addition to mind is quite sweet.


I don’t know if it’s a benefit of marriage/relationship but I get to share a house, chores, happiness and joy with my number one cheerleader. We also made a child that is part me &part him, nothing has fascinated me more, ever. I get to give & Receive daily. Also, taxes are lower.

ZUMAH YAHAYA‏         

Having someone to get you water in the middle of the night, a back up caregiver for the kids that loves them as much as you love them or even more and most importantly having someone to disagree with in love.


Having someone you can share your life journey with. I remember when I achieved some milestone in my career and I was really happy and wanted to share with someone I could call my own I didn’t have that (siblings/parents can’t fill the void) my happiness wasn’t complete.

The joy of motherhood (by product of marriage) is heavenly. It gives you a boost to be more ambitious than ever. You have the sense that you don’t want to be a disappointment to your kids and husband, it’s a motivation needed to succeed as a woman more even if you have everything. It teaches you selflessness and makes you a better person.

There is a peace of mind and contentment that comes with being married (if you are with the right person) a grace that doesn’t make you struggle to achieve more in life. On a lighter note, spending someone else money and not having to over think budget, is really cool. No matter how independent you are, when someone gives you everything to make feel loved (not controlling/patronizing manner) it gives you the princess experience.

ABUJA HENNA ARTIST‏             

Having my person accessible at any time of the day. My personal cheerleader, adviser and comforter. Someone who takes care of me willingly and wholeheartedly without me asking.Discusses with me, values my opinions.We make plans together, set goals and help each other. He’s got me.


Having someone to plan and build life with. A true companionship where both of you can honestly depend on each other for anything. A unique love that models both your values and brings peace of mind to both wife and husband. Many more…


Someone to do life with. Life can be tough and you have someone you love and who loves you and looks out for you in your corner. Companionship and intimacy.


Having a husband who loves you more than he loves himself. He always puts me first in everything. And errm my akant is always smiling

‏ OBY 

Life is hard… Marriage gives you someone to go through the hard life with. Someone that’s contractually bound to share your joys and sorrows. Plus, two incomes are better than one


I didn’t see any benefit previously because majority of the men I came across couldn’t add any value to me. But meeting my husband changed my life. I have friends. But never experienced anything as close & initimate as my relationship with my husband. His support gives an expontential amount of energy to everything I do. He’s my best friend and confidant. We exchange ideas and build together. He is my partner in work and in life with this wonderful ability to catalyse my projects & my dreams. Nearly always nicer to love people and use things, instead of using people and loving things.



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