Anthonia Okafor Is Leading a Movement of Women Who Feel Empowered When They Use Their Gun for Self-Defense


A Nigerian US-based woman, Anthonia Okafor has described voting the past president, Barack Obama, as a naïve thing to do because of the President’s policies on the US economy and especially on guns.

Antonia, who used to be a Democrat and voted Barack Obama twice, is now a Conservative member because she believes that campaigning for a gun control was a disrespect to her right of life.

In 2015, when the US passed the Campus Carry bill that allowed students to carry guns to school, Antonia was one of the happiest persons to receive the news because of her experience with insecurity.

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28-years old Antonia, who is an immigrant in the US had survived an assault as a child; she had had an unpleasant experience with a cyber stalker and had always been scared  of being raped while going home from night classes, so, it was a relief that she could own a gun to protect herself.

While some people are opposed to the law because it could lead to more violence on campuses, Antonia says that taking guns to school helps students, especially women to defend themselves in an age of violent shootings.

So, through her self-defense nonprofit, Empowered, Antonia is advocating for Campus Carry On especially for women, while educating people who have misconceptions about the law. She became the Southwest director of Students for Concealed Carry and has also appeared in adverts for the National Rifle Association.

In the 2016 presidential election, Antonia revealed that she voted for Trump because she trusts that he would advocate for her life. This year, President Trump supported the new bill that everyone could own a gun.

Watch this short video to hear her speak.

Former Obama Voter Explains Why She's Now A Conservative

Antonia Okafor voted for Barack Obama twice. Here's why she's now a conservative and a gun rights advocate.

Posted by Let Freedom Speak: The Daily Signal on Thursday, July 5, 2018




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