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Business Lessons From Tosin Shokunbi Who Found Her Passion As A Language Instructor After Many Failed Business Attempts


Tosin Shokunbi is a language teacher that help young professionals get the international attention they desire by providing them with multi-language solutions through tutelage and translation.

Before she became a language teacher, Tosin had done many businesses, some of which failed. Thankfully, she found her passion and she is happy living it. But there’s one lesson Tosin has learnt from all her business experiences, which she shares below:

She wrote,

If you think I make money easily these days, then you should read this till the end. Do you have a fighting spirit? Are you very tenacious and want to be successful but haven’t figured how? Then, read this to the end….

This picture here brings to memory two events in my life when I had to back my baby and be at work.

I was hustling!

July 2015, we had gone on vacation to Dubai and I came back with goods to sell having gotten a loan from a friend and my father.

My hustling spirit couldn’t imagine traveling to Dubai without coming back with merchandise for sale. I didn’t consider that I was newly married and my environment had changed from when I was at Ile-Ife, a ready environment for my goods. I was ready to market it however.

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My tenacity to sell found me one day at a higher institution not too far from my area. I had a Ghana must go bag filled with shoes, clothes and woodin fabrics (they were heavy!) On my back was my 1 year old daughter. Oh my God! I must have been pregnant then too.

Everyone seemed a potential customer.
Right from the gate, I accosted the female students and marketed my wares to them. I proceeded to the lecturers and staff of the school.

Trust me, the confidence I wear when I want to sell to anyone, you need it to smash your next interviewer…lol.

One or two people bought while many also promised to buy another time. I was tired after hours of walking with additional weights all on me. At a point, my bag had to come to my head for balance. Yes, you read right. I didn’t care.

I needed to make money. I got home that day and my tiredness couldn’t be measured. I was disappointed too. I must have cried. I must have prayed to God.

The second time I had to do this was in 2016. My bridal fashion business kept running into a loss due to other people’s carelessness. I had had some life transforming encounters and I needed to get to work with what I had: my passion and knowledge.

I organised free French classes in my area. I got on canvas and made a flyer. A dear sister and friend helped share the flyer with the groups she belonged to.

People were interested but they wouldn’t come to my distant area for a free class.. I got some willing people in my environment. I was ready to give value like they paid a million for it. I had a perfect excuse not to have done that class. My son was only about 7 months old. Who would watch over him and his sister during the class? It was in the evenings.

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With my 2year old’s hand on one hand, my baby on my back, his car seat and hand bag on the other hand, we’d walk our way to the school which was about 300m away. I couldn’t afford to have him cry and interrupt our lessons.

On many occasions, he’d be in his car seat sleeping. On some days, he didn’t want to be there. I would strap him to my back and continue with teaching.

Then, it did not feel like a big deal. I look back now and I see all the sacrifice, all the work. Thankfully, I got fulfillment from doing those classes. Starting it gave  birth to our online classes which we still hold today.

You do not need to have it all figured out from the scratch.  You only need to start first and remain in the area of your passion while you are turning it into a skill. Only very few people have it all from the onset.

Are you still praying and not doing anything? You may be cheating yourself.

Start the execution today.








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