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To Encourage Other Women, Millen Magese Shared The Videos She Made While Trying For Her Child


On the 13th of July 2017, Tanzanian ex-beauty Queen, Millen Magese welcomed her son after years of battling endometriosis- a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the uterus and causing pelvic pain.

After 13 surgeries, 2 miscarriages, 4 IVF attempts with no single egg found and total 6 attempts at egg retrieval, her son came at her 6th IVF attempt and he clocked one year old some days ago. In the mood of celebration, Millen decided to encourage other women with the videos she made while trying for her child.

She said,

My eggs should be at 22 milimeteres which would be the best eggs to use. I just want to continue encouraging other women out there. I understand this is not an easy journey. Keep trying. I did not receive good news from quite sometime now and today became one of my best days.

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Just last month, I’ve been told that my ovaries were not responding to the medication and that was heartbreaking but they changed the protocol to four injections per day and they took me out of estrogen and now I have this good news and also on day 8, they were growing very slowly and the doctor even said to me that they might cancel the cycle and I said to them that this has been my history since I started IVF in 2012.

It has been my history that my ovaries always take so long to produce eggs and obviously, this is because of endometriosis. So, I have to beg them to say please this time, you have to let me continue with the cycle. So, sometimes you have to be able to explain to your doctor how your body works instead of cancelling the cycle. Ask them to give you another chance. Just go through it.

Don’t cancel your cycle at all and moreso, its also the time that you have to have faith and hope. You know, God can do so much. We can have doctors and everything that we have like treatments in this world but there are miracles out there and God is everything. God can change a situation that is supposed to be gone in a second and change it to be a positive procedure, so, I am very positive.

I have faith in God that this time, things will work for me and I see it. Its time for me and I’m ready to receive all the blessings that he’s sending to me. So, I’m sending this message to all of you ladies out there, this is my faith cycle, I’m ready to receive any news. If its bad news, I’m ready to receive it because it means the right time for me is not there yet. If its good news, it means God has decided to give me miracles because I believe every woman has a right to have a child.

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I just want to go with God’s flow and I don’t want to think as a human being anymore because when you think as a human being, you ask a lot of questions. Don’t ever ask the question, why.

I promised myself that I would never attach any emotions to this cycle because I want to get things done and get over it. The last injection was super painful, I could still take another injection. My tears was more of Ooh God please change my story. And He did . My son is one today. Glory to God. Be there for someone,SPEAKOUT. We can find a cure together.

Watch the videos below.

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