Laura Ikeji Shares How She Became A Fashion Entrepreneur And The Marketing Strategies That Keeps Her Winning


Laura Ikeji  is one of the most influential fashion entrepreneurs on Instagram and she boasts of recording great sales.

Just after the release of her book, “How To Make Money On Instagram,” which went viral and recorded massive sales, Laura’s new cologne, “Incomplete,” sold out before its official launch and she had to produce more to go round.

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A strong social media influencer, Laura has carved a niche for herself in the fashion industry, from meeting needs to using her energy and endless vibes on her social media platforms.

Fashion entrepreneur, social media influencer, marketer and author, Laura shares how she started her business and the marketing strategy she uses in selling her products.

Below is an excerpt fromher interview with TW Magazine

On how she started her fashion store

While I was a fashion ambassador for Miskay for a year, I wore different outfits for them. I had also worn clothes for different boutiques and everytime I wore their pieces, some would even call me and say, ‘Laura, we sold out on this particular outfit because you wore it.’

Although they paid me well, I knew I could make more. As someone who always want to win, I’ve always been desperate to succeed and be as comfortable as possible. As a result, I decided to try my own once my contract ends. I started my store in September 2016 and the first two months were incredible, more like unreal. Since then, I’ve doubled my efforts and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life.

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On her book

The book changed my life. I actually bought the car from the money I made from selling the book. I had a different sales strategy from the norm of distributing to bookstores. I told my sister and my husband to give me the contact of all their rich friends. I then approached them to gift Nigerian youths, who are their target audience, free copies, urging each one to buy at least a 100 copies.

I was delightfully surprised that some people offered to buy  1000 copies and even more. I made 20 times what I invested in the book in the first week. I made sure I added 56 ‘slay pictures’ to keep readers interested. The book also changed people’s perception of me positively. I’m glad I got the experience on how to share my experience on how I made money and I’m so excited that I’ve gotten positive feedback from my readers.

On her perfume

We decided to launch the perfume which has two versions. There are a few indigenous perfume companies but people don’t really buy Nigerian perfumes, because they believe they are cheap and have bad fragrance. I think I’m going to sell. First, because it’s a Laura Ikeji brand and because the fragrance is really good and something I’d wear everyday, since its not too strong. Besides, it’s affordable! The goal is to sell out in 24hours!

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Advice to entrepreneurs

The only thing that has kept me is really me being free-spirited, being happy and being  myself. I will do anything legal to push my brand and sell my market. I don’t ever want to be broke. It’s not easy but you have to give something to make something.

I spent money to make money. I spent on clothes to look good and brands noticed me and wanted to affiliate. It has now even made me to start a business! So my advice is, do what you have to do and take it from there.

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