Linda Ikeji Talks about the Failure of Linda Ikeji Social and the Valuable Lessons She Learnt From It


On the 1st November of 2016, popular blogger, Linda Ikeji got everyone’s attention when she announced that she was launching a social network that would compete with the likes of Facebook.

24 hours after its launch, almost 50, 000 users were on Linda Ikeji Social and over 86, 000 in six days. But over a year later, nothing has been heard of the social network. Many fans have wondered  what happened to it.

In a chat with Business Insider, Linda Ikeji talks about how LIS failed and the valuable lessons she learnt from it.

She said,

I did something called LIS (Linda Ikeji Social) and it was a mess because people that made it did a poor job. They were mediocre. They promised me heaven and earth but could not deliver. If they had done better, LIS would have thrived. I completely stopped promoting it. If I had continued, people would have still come no matter how bad it was. But I just had to stop because I couldn’t upload pictures, I couldn’t upload videos. What then was the essence? It just turned me off. That was not my dream and I was struggling to accept it. I was always fighting with them to get it done. They would request for more money. After a while, I said, “You know what? Whatever.”

So when I was doing LITV, I said I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes, I need the best hands. LITV is on a bigger scale than LIS, and will eventually be bigger than LIB. I needed the right people to do it. I didn’t want anyone to mess this up, I didn’t want anyone to mess up this dream. LIS was my dream and they messed it up. I didn’t want another person to this one mess up.

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They brought some guys to me, and immediately I spoke to them, I knew I was working with the right people. They condemned all my posters. They condemned my logo. They told me they were not going to use the logo we had. I was shocked. When they sent me options, including this one we are currently using, and I said, “Yes!” When I gave them posters for our shows, they said, “No, we will do our posters ourselves. Just send us the pictures and the graphics.” By the time they started sending all the posters, I was impressed. They started coming to me with different ideas for the site that I didn’t even think of. I was blown away. I was lucky this time around to get the right people.



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