Lola Busari Shares Her Experience With Hyperemesis Gravidarum During Pregnancy


Many women often experience morning sickness during pregnancy, some morning sicknesses are mild while some are severe. The severe form of morning sickness is referred to as Hyperemesis Gravidarum and it involves serious vomiting and nausea.

According to HER Foundation, women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum are unable to care for themselves or their families for weeks, sometimes months. Some women may be unable to eat for lengthy periods and lose 5-10% or more of their pre-pregnancy body weight in the first few months, which leads to debilitating fatigue and sometimes depression.

Even women who do not have severe nausea and vomiting (HG) sometimes choose elective termination (abortion) to avoid the misery and stress they will face. The cause of HG is yet unknown but it can be managed with the help of a qualified doctor.

Lola Busari, an author and a mother of two, spoke to Woman.NG about her experience with HG.

She said,

“It was a horrible experience for me which required a few hospital visits. It affected my iron levels and I had it all throughout both pregnancies instead of just within the first 3 months. My doctor clarified that was what it was and prescribed some pills to help – however these pills made me feel dizzy and gave me headaches – so I had to soldier on without them.

In my first pregnancy, I wish I’d known that it can last throughout the whole pregnancy for certain women. I was always of the hope that it would eventually end once 12 weeks came.

The fact that it didn’t, made the experience worse for me. At first it was confused with normal morning sickness but when it was realised to be HG, I felt like I was being taken more seriously.

I had it throughout my pregnancies although it did slow down towards the middle but then it picked up again right towards the end.

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It did with my second pregnancy. The pills prescribed to me (as mentioned earlier) didn’t sit well with me so there wasn’t really anything to take as a form of relief, perhaps, more understanding instead of dismissal of it being mistaken for normal morning sickness.

But to be fair… there really isn’t any cure for it per se. It’s just something we have to deal with as our bodies best can. Trying to get rest and not being stressed does help though. And ensuring you’re not dehydrated by trying to drink as much water as possible helps (although when you’re feeling that sick… even water doesn’t seem to help) – But trying to rest is something I would definitely say can help … a bit lol.



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