Pay Attention To Betty Irabor’s Brutal Truth About The Pressures Of Social Media, Especially Instagram


One of the things that Betty Irabor is grateful for, after her experience with depression is that, while she was going through that sad time in her life, she wasn’t on Instagram.

Urging her fans through her Instagram page, Betty wants people to be human and stop pretending everything is going on well with them. According to her, pretending that things are right when they are not makes it hard to ask for help.

She wrote,

One of the first things I noticed when I joined Instagram about two years ago was people’s desperation to prove that they had it all and were very happy, when in actual fact they were in a very sad place.

After posting all the images of a perfect world, a few would later send DMs saying how depressed they were and it was difficult to understand how people can be so happy and sad all at once.

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The pressure to live as if we have it all together on social media is insanely strong. The resultant effect is that it becomes very difficult to ask for help when we really need it.

People covet lives of people they know nothing about. They covet the lives of others who have perfected the art of “packaging” their lives into absolute wonderment. We all have down days because we are all human.

Allow your self to be human. Humans have days when life really sucks!! I am happy I wasn’t on social media in the throes of my battle with mental health, my posts would have been so deceptive in my effort to convince everyone that I had it all.

The best way to live your life is to stop living to convince others that you are happy, when you’re not. When social media puts pressure on you, take a break, take time off to find yourself and confront your truth. No one can live a happy, healthy life as long as they pretend to be who and what they are not. If you continuously live to please others then you’re living life not on your terms but on theirs!

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We are pilgrim souls here and one day we shall return home, lets make our time here count for much. Let’s live and not merely exist. Speak out if you need help. Be there for others. Don’t judge what you don’t understand. Stay focused, make your own joy a priority!!

Be thankful for both the small and the big breaks. Don’t allow hate to consume you. Learn to let go of people who constantly belittle and dehumanize you. Don’t give in to unnecessary pressure.

When life knocks you down, refuse to stay down and broken. Get up and fight. Your sanity counts most. Most importantly find your own joy and live a life of abundance!”



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