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Shall We Talk About Women Who Falsely Accuse Men Of Rape?


Weeks ago, a twitter user, @mayowade asked women who have been sexually assaulted to share their stories, which she published on her page. While she kept the women who sent in their stories anonymous, she made public the names of the men that were accused.

While this was applauded by some people, some have greatly criticised Mayowade, demanding what measures she used to confirm the women’s stories  before labeling the men rapists. The criticism came especially after one of the women who sent the publisher her story retracted what she said and apologized to the man she accused of assaulting her.

This has generated a lot of conversations online bordering on what should be believed on the internet and the standards to verifying people’s accusations knowing that it could mar the life of the accused if innocent

While some of these stories may be true and social media could be used in bringing a perpetrator to book, stories can also be fabricated and published on the internet. So many questions have been raised around this matter and it ranges from what story should be believed, how stories can be verified, the punishment for people with false rape accusations among others.

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