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This Okada Man Just Gave One More Proof That Not All Men Are Scum as He Saves a Woman from Public Embarrassment


While many women have complained about being groped in market places by men traders, it was a different narrative for a chef, Olashile Abayomi.

She was walking back from the market when she was stopped by a bike man, who tied his shirt around her waist. By the time she knew the reason, she couldn’t do anything but cry.

He had saved her from a big embarrassment.

She tweeted,

“So I embarrassed myself today and an Okada man saved me. There are great people in Naija.#NaijaAllTheWay

As usual, I was going about my business of market runs and I wore a skirt as opposed to my usual jean trousers/joggers.

I got to Oyingbo and after buying all I needed, I was walking briskly in the rain so I can get back to my kitchen on time to start the day’s orders

An Okada man stopped beside me and said “madam abeg stay where you dey. I was looking at him like, ‘Ogbeni’ stay bawo? Then he said “your skirt zip don tear for back” I froze.

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He came close to me and pulled off his shirt, tied it around my waist and I just stood there wondering how many people have seen my yellow butt since and didn’t tell me.

It was raining and this man had only that shirt on, no singlet but he gave me his shirt. I was shocked. In this Nigeria where cat calls and groping are almost normal in those markets, so someone can be this kind to a woman?

I asked him why he did that when I finally had the courage to talk. He said ‘my mind tell me say you be good person and you go do the same for another person’.

I am a cry baby so before he knew it I was already crying. I dropped my shopping bags with Nnamdi my ever faithful Ogbono seeds vendor so as to take the man to a shop to buy him another shirt.

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Nnamdi had a shirt he just bought this morning coincidentally and he gave it to Mr Patrick, the Okada man. By this time I was crying uncontrollably.

I slipped something into his pocket and I’m sure he will be shocked when he gets home or his park to see what I slipped in. That was a thank-you-for-being-kind gift.

So no matter how wicked and heartless some people are, there are still some amazing humans in Nigeria.This is my story.. #NaijaAllTheWay

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