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We Are So Infuriated By This Woman’s Story of How Her Husband Sexually Abused Their 3-Year Old Daughter


We hope this woman and her daughters get the help they need and that the man will face the full wrath of the law.

She met her husband while writing her WAEC. They courted for some months before getting married. For 29-year old Glory, her marriage has been hell as she explained that she has ‘only experienced the bitter part of marriage.’

She had traveled for her sister’s wedding and returned four days after. When she got back, her 3-year old daughter would complain of pain in her private part but refused to say what happened.

After threatening to flog her, she revealed it was her father. She didn’t really believe it until she caught him red-handed molesting their daughter who was deep asleep at 2AM.

She shared her story with Vanessa Williams.

Read excerpts below

He beats me but the one I could not endure was seeing him molest my two daughters. I have been married for five years with three children two girls and a boy. I discovered this in 2012 when I traveled to Enugu for my younger sister’s white wedding. I traveled with my second daughter only. I was about a month old pregnant with my third child.

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I left my first daughter because he refused me traveling with her because of her education. She was 3years then. I spent four days at Enugu. I started noticing when I came back from the wedding when I wanted to bath her, she will start dodging her private part that it is paining her. I asked her why but she said nothing. The second day, she did the same thing and I asked if anyone touched her buttocks but she said no.

I thought it was people from the compound that touched her, so, I brought out cane and asked her, “who touched your bumbum, tell me the truth.” Then, she said, ‘yes.’ I said, ‘who?’ and she said, “its my dad.” I was surprised I couldn’t believe what she said. I asked her when and she said when I traveled her daddy touched her bumbum. I was mad and speechless so when my husband came I didn’t even know how to tell him about it.

Then I told my husband that our daughter was complaining about her vagina each time I bathed her. Then he said it could be the young boys in the compound and I said she said they are not the ones. Then he began to ask if I was accusing him and before I knew it, he started beating me. He beat me till blood was coming out of my private part. I almost lost my baby because I was pregnant.

My people called him but he lied about the matter. Later he called and started begging me that he didn’t do such a thing and that he was sorry for the beating. So, I went back because I wanted to know if what my daughter said was true.

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As God would have it, there was a night we were sleeping and my second daughter laid close to me while my first daughter laid close to my husband. Then around 2am, I woke up to urinate and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw my husband touching my daughter and sucking it. Immediately he saw me, he flew from the bed to the floor and hid his face. I started shouting and crying. He couldn’t uter a word. I said, this is an abomination.

My daughter was fast asleep and her pant was wet. In the morning, he couldn’t go anywhere. He asked us to dress up so as to take us to Shoprite. I told him I wasn’t going and asked if he was trying to cover up his mess.

I only survived it by God’s grace. I had to call my people and tell them I was coming back. Sometimes, I am scared to leave my kids with my husband and buy something outside our compound because by the time I come back, I would see him carry our second daughter on his lap and his manhood would have erected. He will now drop her when he sees me.

Listen to her speak here.




  1. Blizard Gale

    Blizard Gale

    July 25, 2018 at 6:50 am

    Is he their biological father? How does he manhood manage to get erect? God have mercy

  2. Efekimo Jacinta

    Efekimo Jacinta

    July 25, 2018 at 8:17 am

    Please disappear with your children from that marriage return the money he paid on you and run with your children.
    Let him go to court and battle custody.Your daughter will never forgive you if you continue or even attempt to go back.
    She can get counselling and as young as she is she might not even remember .please don’t wait until it’s too late .Runnnnnnnn

  3. Florence Adetimirin Falade

    Florence Adetimirin Falade

    July 25, 2018 at 11:21 am

    The explanation is not complete

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