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Woman Shares The Tactics People Use To Defraud Instagram Sellers


We have read stories from many people who have complained of being defrauded while trying to buy goods online, but in a turn of events, an online trader says sellers also get scammed by customers. She shares her story while pleading for her customer’s understanding when she insists on full payment before delivery.

She wrote,

“Buyers get scammed on instagram also. Usually, many people think it is the other way round ONLY. NO, it is not.

Some weeks ago (it should be in May), this customer (who is NOT a first time buyer) tried to swindle me. It was a Saturday evening and she showed interest in one of our N4000 glitters bag and a plain headband of N500. Delivery in Lagos is N1000. Her order was a total of N5500. She told me would send the money in minutes. She didn’t.

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On Sunday morning, she sent me a message that she was about sending the money. I was in church. I saw the message after some hours. Five hours later when I got back from church, I saw her messages and screenshot of evidence of payment. I decided to check my bank app as I didn’t get any sms alert to confirm it.

Nothing new was found in my account. So I told the customer and she kept saying ‘but I just showed you the debit alert screenshot nah’. I couldn’t say anything.

So I asked her, ‘how much did you send?’ She said N6500. But Madam, your money is 5500.

She replied, ‘I totally forgot, you will send back my 1k’. I told her well, I still haven’t gotten your money ma.

After lots of forth and back, i decided to search my sms, the credit alert using her name. My brethren, her name came out that she paid N6500 for an old transaction (like 4 months earlier). I think she bought a 5500 bag and 1k delivery that time from us. It was THE SAME screenshot she sent to me  four months ago that she sent to me that day.

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When I finally saw it and called her attention to it, she didn’t reply TILL NOW.
Sellers get scammed too my sisters. There is a customer that paid for a bag and told us to deliver to her mum that her mum would pay us delivery fee.

When the delivery guy got to their house the mum didn’t pay. I told the delivery guy to just drop the bag that the lady isn’t a first time buyer. Till now, if i send messages to the lady, she reads and doesn’t reply.

LOL, how many will I talk about? But do I have trustworthy customers? YEA, VERY WELL. So, please, if I say FULL PAYMENT before delivery, don’t be angry with me. We will only send orders out when payments have been confirmed from our own end.”

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