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13 Women Share The Most Annoying Thing They Have Heard People Say About Women In Nigeria


There are many prejudice against women globally but thankfully, women are challenging them and proving that they are not how the world defines them. However, if asked one thing you have heard people say about Nigerian women, what would you say?

We compiled responses from 13 Nigerian women about one thing they have heard people say about Nigerian women and we are sure it resonates.


Runz girls. I understand we have a lot of ladies who give women a bad name, but there are just as much hard working ones. If only we choose to shine the spotlight in the right areas.

The fact that a lady is well put together physically and has nice things doesn’t equate to the truth that she is a kept woman or has slept her way to the top, or to the nice things she owns.


‘Na woman’.  Usually said after a driver does something a male driver doesn’t like and he realises that it’s a woman driving. We all know that when there’s an accident, it’s usually two men that come out of the cars to look at the damage.

Women are better drivers, yet we get ‘na woman’. It’s nothing to do with our actual ability, it’s something deeper than that.


We are supposed to know how to cook. Really? Was I born with cooking skills? Was anyone ever born with any skill at all? I think men, particularly women, should calm down on other women that don’t know how to cook. Encouragement is what they need.


“Women are bitches in the work place, especially women in top positions.” It’s a very disgusting thing to say, because there are so many horrible male bosses. But it’s not a bad thing to be a man and be tough as a boss, but once a woman is tough, then she’s a bitch.


The most annoying thing I’ve heard is that Nigerian women are materialistic. Not all of us are.


The number one goal of every woman is to get married and a woman’s achievement is naught without a husband and children.

Hogwash! I mean getting married is cool but I don’t believe it’s the end game of every woman. Marriage is a choice not a career path.

People say women are the weaker vessels but I have seen women prove them wrong over and over again.

People say women cannot rule or are not ripe enough to rule our nation but I beg to differ that it is not in the gender but in the capability of the individual to lead.


“A woman should not speak when men or elders (always men too) are speaking.” That’s just ridiculous. Don’t even think all that happens just in Nollywood. That is the reality and it’s very annoying.

I’ve heard a lot but I think the one that stands out for me presently is the fact that some Nigerian men think that the rediscovery and regeneration of a Nigerian woman are to be blamed on feminism-brainwashing.

Like women in Nigeria have had their sense of respect and traditionalism towards men washed away by feminism.


That women are not as intelligent as men so their opinions do not matter. I have a long list but this is the most annoying so far. Every time I hear it, I get mad.


It’s hard to pick the most annoying thing I have heard about women in Nigeria. However, it always irks me when people describe Nigerian women as lazy, especially stay at home mums. Do they know just how hard it is to run a home?

There are so many annoying things that have been said about women in Nigeria and I’ve learnt to pay less attention to people spewing ignorance but what gets to me more is the phrase “You are a woman o.” People say it all the time especially when trying to limit women.


Well, not just applicable to Nigerian women. ‘The best gift you can give your husband is your virginity’. Keeping your virginity is showing reverence to God and to the knowledge that the Holy Spirit resides in your temple (body).

You don’t gift that to a man. Besides such statements sparks patriarchy. Nobody speaks to the men on gifting their virginity to their wives. It is not the exclusive preserve of women.

Everyone should live holy and acceptable and keep their virginity as well as other commandments (of what use is the virginity if you are keeping malice with your neighbours or you tell lies?) in honour of God not man.

Our obedience to God should be complete and it is for everyone. P.s. I married as a virgin and virginity did not keep the marriage.







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