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25 Women Share The Stories We Never Get To Hear About The Possible Dangers Of Childbirth


A twitter user, @Ozzy Etomi shared her childbirth story and opened the doors for many other women to share theirs. According to the many tweets, no woman ever remains the same after pregnancy and childbirth.

While women are not allowed to talk about the negative side of childbirth and motherhood, it is important that they share their story for them to know that they are not alone and to rightly educate the younger generation about the possible dangers of childbirth.

We extracted 20 tweets of women who shared the aftermath of pregnancy and childbirth of their physical, mental and psychological health.

OZZY ETOMI‏             

Childbirth is dangerous. Nothing ever goes back to normal. Many near death things occur. We need to stop downplaying it. I still have pelvic girdle pain and people are telling me “it’s not fair” to not give my child a sibling. This shop is CLOSED. Can we also address the horrible memory loss that comes with childbirth?

Is there a science behind this? Because it’s confusing how since giving birth, my memory is completely SHOT. When my water broke, they found meconium in it and had a pediatrician on stand-by to check the baby immediately but luckily he hadn’t ingested any. I had an easy pregnancy! I didn’t even have morning sickness! And I still had a traumatic birthing experience and many physical complications and changes.


I was on insulin throughout my pregnancy, giving myself shots and a very restrictive diet because of gestational diabetes with cause unknown. Then, I had to have an emergency CS which shot my BP to an alarming number. I’m still recovering 7 months after.

Tested six weeks after childbirth and I was fine. Like I never had it. It was such an experience. I was advised to check every six months as I have a greater risk to get type 2 and also if I decide on another child, I will have to deal with GD all over again. Thanks pregnancy.


Giving birth left me permanently and severely disabled and STILL I get people telling me I’m unfair for not giving my daughter a sibling.


Lost my first child after 3 months. On hospital bed rest at 32 wks. Just had another baby with 8 month of strict bed rest and HG. Delivery was a life threatening one, had a slight uterine rupture, total placenta eruption and meconium aspiration by baby with no previous CS. What’s funny is people asking when I intend to try again and that I shouldn’t wait too long to have another baby. I have family members not ascribing to the 2 years wait for CS. I have lost one child. I almost lost another one and myself but no, people must be stupid. Then no one told me baby blues and postpartum anxiety was more common than we think.

A FLOATING BRIDGE                    

Sometimes death actually occurs too. I died while I was pregnant with my daughter. My heart stopped, I death rattled the whole thing. I ended up making it back, but not everyone gets to. My daughter was/is okay.


After having my 2nd baby my bp never left even with the drugs 2 years later and I am always depressed.


Had HG from 6wks-41wks. I was throwing up even while in labour. After 3 pessaries, water manually broken, 1 pitocin drip and 22 hours of labour, baby went into distress and I was rushed to theatre. I was so weak I was blacking out between contractions. In the theatre I was asked to sit up and stay still in the middle of contractions to get an epidural. I thought they were mad but they helped me sit up. Fast forward to now, epidural site hurts. Pregnant again but this is it. I am not doing this again. I keep being told I’ll change my mind. NO!


I have a large family. Had my gall bladder removed during my last pregnancy. Contractions from 23 wks on. Anyone that thinks they get a vote in how many children someone has needs a hobby.


Was wheelchair bound for a couple of days after my last kid, had physio for months! It’s dangerous


Could hardly walk from five months. Felt like the baby was draining my bones. Gums bled every time I brushed. Boils. Yeast infection. And the almighty pre-eclempsia. Carpal tunnels syndrome after childbirth, hemorrhoids and my feet are now bigger.


It never goes back to normal. You either add weight or vaginal walls slack or your hair fall off in chunks like mine. Your breast don’t just change it shrinks. Had a near death experience and all I could say to God is to please give me a chance to live to see them grow #childbirth

N O K U T H U L A D E L I G H T‏  

I passed out for a whole 8 minutes after a normal delivery and someone says it’s not a near-death experience?? Up to now my husband is traumatized at the thought of having another child.


I knew about the pains of birthing a child and was scared. What helped me was saying to myself ‘If all these mothers can do it, I can’. First trimester went without qualms. Saw hell in the 4th month, as in hell. Baby is 8years but my hairline is gone! It’s good we can talk about these things. Not to scare anyone but to let all know the in and out of the experience. It is a life changing one. You alone have the power to choose. It’s your body. Your life. Know the implications. Be prepared.


If you are a man reading these stories and you don’t support your wife from the first day she breaks the news of a baby on the way till when she tells you she’s totally fine after the birth of the baby, then you are close to a murderer. I lost a 7mths pregnant cousin last weekend.


I am now epileptic from pregnancy. I had a seizure when I was 4 month pregnant and it didn’t stop after giving birth. To top it all, my son came at 36wks and stayed at the hospital for 3wks. As for memory loss, it’s bad! The fear and the pain I felt every morning waking up not remembering anything because I had a seizure. Worse I could have killed my baby.


My BP went up after delivery through CS. I had to take pills for three months and for the memory loss you’re not alone, what about the mood swings. Having children is beautiful but there’s more to it and some dudes will be telling you to have another in no time they should park well.


I was diagnosed with hypertension when I was 18 y/o. When I got pregnant they put me on that Clinical Risk Management Program. For the third trimester, I had to go every 8/15 days for control. They had to induce the labor 17 days before because I had Preeclampsia symptoms.


I get random shooting pains in my lower back that sometimes make it impossible to walk for a few minutes. Side effects from the epidural that I never wanted to have, but ended up needing after complications. The weird thing is that some people can have kids with minimal medical intervention. Their pregnancies are tolerable, their birthing experience fine. I know women with 5, 7, 8 kids. But for others it’s crazily different. And there’s little you can do to predict it.


Like I legit cried out loud yesterday from pelvic pain, just lotioning my feet. Then, I had a child THREE years ago. To me, childbirth is the most sacred thing a human can do. I don’t know what comes close. Unless someone routinely gives a kidney to people they’ve never met. Meanwhile, my body has NEVER recovered. I have very debilitating pelvic and back pain, like all the time. I cannot independently bend to put on socks etc. It’s just crazy, the lasting effects on the body.


Five weeks post partum and I’m only just beginning to unpack what a wild emotional and physical journey my pregnancy and delivery was. Amen to more women peeling the curtain back to reveal the truth in all its blinding color.


I am going to be honest about this, I have been very forgetful since I had my baby and sometimes it makes me really sad when I can’t remember things that came to me so easily before now.


Anytime I am under stress, I still feel pain at my CS scar line even after 2years. Lil Madam is not getting a sibling until I am mentally and physically ready. All these people asking if I am not ready or those praying for twins for me, you will wait for somtime ehen.


Even at that I still went three times. Near-death experiences, difficult pregnancy and births. But, there’s always a limit to one’s chances in life. That is it for me. I don borrow myself some senses.


OMG THIS!!!! My body went into shock when they tried rushing my labor. Giving me meds to speed up contractions and then manually breaking my water! My body went into shock. I blacked out. I woke up to all these nurses assuring me this is NORMAL!? Hell no. One child is okay.


Had a serious tear because they had to use forceps to get my baby out.. not forgetting labour for 11hours.. Extra stitches 6 weeks after.. Still having back pain 6 months after. The only reason I am not traumatized is because i see her radiant smile everyday.


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1 Comment



    August 24, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    Only 4-6 wks? Dr. DJ prescribes 4-6 mos for proper healing.

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