4 Celebrity Women Share What They Think About Love At First Sight


Uche Ogbodo

Love at first sight is a controversial topic because not many people believe in it. However, some people say it happens and they have experienced it.

In a chat with Nicson Africa, these four celebrities share what they think about love at first sight.


I don’t believe in love at first sight! That shit is overrated. Nothing like it. It is brain wash. The so-called love has brought nothing but negativity and lies to me. I used to believe in fairy tales as a growing child. I always dreamt of prince charming and all that happily ever after but not anymore.

The few experience I’ve had with believing in finding the right prince has been terrible. I won’t even lie. But I’m a sucker for a happy face in love. I love to see other people find happiness and peace of mind, but I haven’t been so lucky with finding mine. I wish I can still believe but it’s not happening.


I believe in love at any sight. Love is sweet. Love at first sight was how I met my man. The moment I saw him, I grabbed a mutual friend and told her to introduce us. Lol.


To me, love at first sight is a risk. There’s a popular quote that says “Not all that glitters is gold.” It mainly has to do with looks and outward appearances. The person might turn out to be a well-behaved person or not. But for one to fall in love with such a person will mean he/she is willing to take the risk of the outcome of it all.


Well, some people do believe in that. But for me, I just see it as lust. When you see someone, you love the person immediately. You want to be with the person, I see that as infatuation. I think it’s actually lust not love because apparently if you happen to be close to that person you‘ll actually find something that will make you want to run away from the person.

So I don’t personally believe in that. When I see someone, I like the person at first but not like ‘love’. It happens to people but not for me sincerely.


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