Adaora Mbelu Shares One Money-Draining Mistake Entrepreneurs Have To Stop Making Now



Adaora Mbelu is a director at Trellis Group – a group of companies in the brand development and experiential marketing space that has worked on several projects across various industries. She is also the founder of Socially Africa, a foundation that gives back to the community through several initiatives.

On her Instagram page, Adaora talks about her life as an entrepreneur, while urging young entrepreneurs to be disciplined with their finances.

She wrote,

“As an Entrepreneur, I have friends who work a 9-5 job and make twice my monthly income. I also have staffs who earn more than I do. Don’t let the size of the company and all the amazing work we produce, fool you into thinking that we are balling. I’ve said this before that I’m salaried just like every employee within our business.

I get to travel on vacation once a year if I’m lucky and I soak it all in. Any additional travelling I do is work related. No, I do not dip into company funds when I want. I have to raise a requisition form just like everyone else and if you know our finance person at Trellis, you would know that getting out N5,000 requires a business case. Priorities for us are business expenses, salaries and project execution.

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This entrepreneurial life is not for kids. It is a long term play. At least for me, it is. I can’t speak for how some people run their business though i.e. sharing profit on every job. Re-investment is the name of the game. When I’m lounging at 40, someone will now say, “Ah overnight money”.

This one is for young entrepreneurs out there. Don’t suck your business dry because you have personal needs. Sort your business and your needs will be sorted. Not every time, ask accountant to send money to your personal account. Be Disciplined.

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