Aunty Flo’s Best Pots for Nigerian Cooking and How She Takes Care of Them


Are you planning to buy a new set of pot? Then, you need to watch this video on what kind of pots to buy and how you should take care of them.

According to Flo, a Youtube vlogger, the brand does not matter but the material the pot is made of.

For cooking Nigerian food, Flo says you need to buy an original stainless steel pot and also buy them in different sizes as they have varying uses.

Before using a new pot, wash it with warm water, a foam sponge and dish-washing liquid. Leave it on the sink to drain, then dry it up with a clean towel.

Rub vegetable oil over it. This is to lubricate the purs of the pot so that when the pot get burnt with food, its easy to wash it off.

You need to watch the video to know more on how you can take care of your pots.


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