For 17 years Juliana Olayode Prayed For Her Parents To Reconcile, This Is How She Got Her Prayers Answered


Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode is over the moon over her parents’ reconciliation. In her book, Rebirth, Juliana wrote about how her father sent her mother packing out of their home without any prior warning and took in another wife. After their separation, Juliana said her parents were always quarreling whenever they saw each other. So much that she had given up on their reconciliation.

17 years after, she shared that her parents are coming back together again as husband and wife.

Read her testimony

I know that my Rebirth Fam @rebirthnetwork would be able to relate more with what I am about to share.

Gosh where do I start? My heart is racing…I still can’t believe it. I have prayed for it to happen for 17 years. At some point, I stopped praying about it because nothing changed, things only got worse. My elder sisters called for a meeting, and between us, we wanted to reconcile my mum and dad but we didn’t tell them about it. I was so afraid. I wondered if they would come or if our plans to bring them back together would work. So, three days before the meeting, I started praying about it. I started imagining them together. I was just doing everything by faith.

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On Sunday morning, I had cold feet. I was so afraid. “God, please do it this time”, was my prayer when I entered my late sister’s house for the meeting.It was a VERY long process but yaaaaaaaay THEY MADE UP….They hugged each other and looked into each other’s eyes and started laughing. Then my mum started crying and my siblings and I joined in the tears of joy…I’m still in shock.

So fam, wedding bells are ringing oh
THERE IS NOTHING GOD CAN NOT DO. DON’T STOP PRAYING. DON’T STOP BELIEVING. HE WILL DO IT IN HIS OWN TIME… I join my faith with everyone whose parents are divorced or separated for whatever reason and I declare that the same God who answered my prayer after 17 years will do yours if you so desire (Amen)



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    Congratulations dear

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