Here Is an Encouragement from Sola Allyson for That Woman Whose Path in Life Is True but Unusual


Being different from the rest of the world often comes with a huge price and having walked that path, Singer, Sola Allyson knows how difficult it can be.

Although, she was finally accepted but it took a while. Sharing her experience, Sola urges people whose purpose are unusual but are convinced that it is their path, to stay true to it as help would find them in no time.

She shares her thought on her Instagram page

Whoever you are, trying to walk a path that is true but unusual and those you believe should “help” are not doing so, I hereby encourage you to please not give up!  Má give up o! Yóò dáa o, believe!

Please don’t be tempted into giving up your own uniqueness because people around you don’t understand. You see, there are people whose walks are just like that. You could have been made to start something new, you get? But I know for sure that there is always help. O lè le, it could be tough, but I tell you, Yóò dáa!

No matter how rare, there are people who would believe in you, understand and encourage you in every way. It’s just that you are putting your expectation in those you know.

Make a conscious decision to surround yourself with your own people, find your own tribe, it’ll be easier. How? you ask, PRAY. It works. Don’t be bitter. No rebellion. Be open-minded, you’ll come across them!

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Ìrànwó yoo wa! Ìmólè á tàn! It may seem dark right now and everything is just blurry, your excitement is dampened, and you wonder who sent you to walk this strange path sef! See, as long as you’re not walking against the principles of The Almighty, believe me, help will come!

Put your gaze upwards from whence help comes, listen inwards, follow the laws outward, honor people, be honourable in ALL, be of service, have dignity and all alike. Help shall come!

I was/am strange like that. I wasn’t accepted where I should be. The “world” saw that I “carried something” and was beckoning unto me but I refused and ran “home”.

I was rejected because I wasn’t sounding “scriptural”. I was too Yorùbá, too different, they didn’t listen deeply to hear the scriptures broken down in my lyrics. I was battling identity crisis. But as much as I tried to yield to the usual, I just couldn’t, as my purpose is infused into my spirit!

Then I met a new people, people that loved me into loving myself, sent my way by The Father Whose Light I want to shine, and the rest, as we say, is history. O ti ń joó! The picture is looking like IT! See, sharpen your spirit’s iron, look out for blocked channels, get better. Don’t give up. Do your do. Be your be! Be encouraged!



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