It’s a 52-Point Agenda! Here Is Everything Eunice Atuejide Will Do When She Becomes the President of Nigeria


Eunice Atuejide is so confident that Nigeria will become a prosperous nation and will rise to global influence and relevance if she becomes the president in 2019.

According to her, Nigerians are ready for a female president because they want someone who would move the country forward and make life easier. Noting that her plan to become president is not a joke, she says that she has all it takes to man the position.

Eunice tells Punch in an interview, everything she would put in place once she becomes the President of Nigeria.

She said,

I have 52-point agenda, but the priority areas are education, security, health and economy, with focus on unemployment and power. We will focus on the economy so we can have jobs. In terms of power, we will make efforts to review those policies that make it difficult for Nigerians to enjoy power. We will make it possible for any company that has the capacity to combine generation, transmission and distribution to do so.

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In terms of education, we are looking at sanitizing our higher institutions and we are looking at improving our vocational education system so that people who don’t want to go to school as academia, especially those who do not have the capacity to go, have a place designed for them, instead of bringing down cut-off mark. We need to allow people to develop according to their own ability. Everybody has different skills and you can’t expect everybody to fit into the same box. Allow people to develop according to their own natural talent and ability.

Also, I have good experience trying to bring very serious investors to Nigeria and there are usually complaints about governors, ministers and political appointees blocking investors from coming in, by demanding bribes. It’s horrible and I have had that experience over the years. We will make sure that serious investors come here and do serious business, because that barricade is always there. As president, we will remove all that. Anyone caught involved in such act is out.

I will make sure that every entity that wants to invest in Nigeria has live recordings of every meeting they have with our officials. We need to get rid of such persons. Once that bottleneck is removed, we will have more investments and there will be jobs for people. With that, we can even start visa lottery because Nigeria will become so busy. The amount of work that can be done all at the same time in Nigeria is amazing. Talk of tourism, entertainment and agriculture; everywhere you look at in Nigeria is a virgin land and we need to open up the country for these opportunities to be tapped so we can move forward in the right direction.

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In Nigeria’s health sector, we know what the issues are but we don’t do what is necessary to address them. Our health sector needs help and we need to make the health insurance scheme work. There was a time I needed treatment urgently and I went to the National Hospital Abuja with the hope of using my National Health Insurance Scheme cover. At the end of the day, I was constrained to pay from my pocket. If I didn’t have the money, that could have been a potential death for me, even though I had health insurance.

So, one of the things we must do is to develop a compulsory health insurance scheme that would take care of everyone. Those who can pay would pay and those who don’t have the ability, government would take care of them. We would make sure that hospitals and our health facilities are well equipped and we would entrench good maintenance culture. The insurance would help to take care of people and protect their dignity, so that when anyone is sick, they don’t have to go to Facebook to start asking for N25m to go to India. And we will definitely reduce the cost of governance, which is extremely high and deliberately designed to be like that.


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