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Life Wasn’t Fair to Jumoke George when she was disowned, But Today, She Has Risen like a Phoenix out Of the Ashes


Veteran actress, Olajumoke George has quite a lot to share about her life. From being disowned by her father at just 8 years old to having two failed marriages, losing her second son and facing sexual harassment, which led to her 13-years break from acting, Olajumoke has been through a lot.

But despite the challenges, this actress who starred in The Wedding Party told Tribune in an interview that she’s proud of the woman she has become. 

Here’s her story

I am a product of a broken marriage. My father disowned me because I was fighting his battle for him and he couldn’t understand how. As young as I was then, my stepmum used to send me to different herbalists to get love potion for her.

It continued till I got to class two. She would put it in my father’s food. I was the one who would cook the same food that had been laced with the love potion. So, one day, I said I was not going to run such errands for her again, and that was how my problem started.

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We were brought up in a strict military home, so I have been a very brave person. I think I got that from my father actually. So one day, I walked up to my stepmother with a terrifying feeling, and told her that I was getting scared of what she had been doing to my father.

She asked me what did I think she was doing? I said she should stop sending me to herbalists to get all manner of love potions. She got angry and threatened to report me to my father for daring to speak up to her. When my father came, she told him a different story entirely.

Anyway, she told my father that I was rude to her and that I don’t listen to her instructions again. She cooked up a blatant lie that I could not even understand. Immediately, I went on my knees and started begging her to stop telling lies against me.

I tried to explain myself, but my father got mad and asked me to get out of the house. I held on to his knees pleading for mercy. Suddenly, he shoved me away and went into his room to get his gun.

He retired as a medical doctor in the military. He was a lieutenant colonel in the Nigerian Army before he retired. My father pursued me with his gun from our house to that popular filling station at Ring Road bare-footed. He ran after me and went back when I got to the main road.

I ran to my paternal mother’s house to hide. My father came there and dragged his mum and me on the floor. It was at that point that I realized that he had truly disowned me.

My mother had divorced my father at that time. So, I went to her when there was no place to go but I was shocked when my mum said she would not take me to her house.

I asked her why and she said I chose to stay with my father against her wish at the age of six when she wanted to leave my father’s house. My mum insisted that she would not have me back in her house.

That was how I started squatting from one house to another because I didn’t want to become a drop-out. I went to the house of my classmate, who was the daughter of the popular Baba Akande Ede.

After sometime, Uncle Akwa enrolled me with the Laolu Oguniyi theatre group. I was attending rehearsals for a couple of months. Though the founder of the group was not always available I kept going.

So, one day, I decided to pay my mum a visit. On my way to her house after the rehearsals, a car parked beside me and the man who drove the car asked me where I was going.

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He said he had known me since my first stage play on NTA some years before then. He said he would like to meet my parents. So, I took him to my mum. When we got to my mum, he told her that he would like to mentor me in acting. That same man is Comrade Victor Ashaolu. I was under his tutelage for 11 years.

I always tell people that I am a golden fish that has no hiding place and I like telling my story to inspire young ladies, who might be going through a similar problem.

Let me be sincere with you, my parents never existed in my life. If I could go through what I faced in life at that tender age and nobody was there to help me but God, then I don’t think I would be wrong to say I never had parents.

My grandmother actually tried for me because she took me to my mum and told her that she was not happy about how I had been sleeping from one house to another.

In fact she gave me a room in her house to stay for years. I stayed in that house until I met the father of my first two children.



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