OloriSuperGirl Reveals The Hardwork And Dedication That Happens Beyond The Glamour Of Social Media Entrepreneurship


The world is going digital and nobody wants to be left behind. So, it is easy to find all kinds of businesses online, people making videos of what they do and getting paid doing so, some people blogging about their products and making money off it.

However, not many understand how the digital world works even though they think they’ve done all they need to do.

In a chat with Guardian, Tosin Ajibade, popularly called Olori SuperGirl, a media entrepreneur and blogger shares the four things you need to know.

Social media entrepreneurship is not always glamourous
First of all, that isn’t true, as there is no such thing as easy way to make money. A lot of young people delve into social media entrepreneurship because of the hype or the attraction that comes with it, but they forget it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. They miss the important lesson of maintaining the brand to stay relevant.

You have to put in the work
The most challenging times are when there is poor internet to connect. It can be so crippling. Also, content creation which is the nerve center of my business and sometimes putting thoughts, experiences and events to words can be challenging. Finally, getting the right team to achieve set goals can be difficult as some get it and others don’t, but I have learnt to be patient as we progress.

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Blogging and social media entrepreneurship is lucrative if…

I could give a lecture on how lucrative blogging and social media entrepreneurship is, but I’ll keep it simple by saying, it is very lucrative for those who know the business angle of the job.

Be true to yourself
A lot of people don’t know the drill of the business and along the line, get swayed into illegal activities and fraudulent acts. So the first thing is to get your priorities right and stay truthful to yourself. But more importantly, believe in yourself and do a lot of self-investment.

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