Omolola Olowa Welcomes Two Babies In Quick Succession After A Long Battle With Fibroid And Hormonal Imbalance


Omolola Olowa was diagnosed with fibroid and hormonal imbalance when she was still single. She later got married and thought everything would work out well.  

Then, she got pregnant and lost her baby as a result of fibroid which was scattered in and out of her womb at the 23rd week of pregnancy.

She went through so much pain and had even given up on birthing her own child. But a friend volunteered to help her carry her baby through surrogacy.

“I went everywhere. I stopped greeting people because the next thing after greeting was, ‘how far?’

Some months later, she felt some pains in her stomach and decided to ‘waste’ the urine stripe she had. Lo and behold, it turned out she was pregnant. Then, she had her first baby.

Miraculously again, six months after she welcomed her first child, she tested positive to a second child!

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