Shaffy Bello Has Said Nothing but the Truth about Some of the Celebrity Photos You See On Instagram


Comparison is the thief of joy and with the advent of social media, this saying cannot be over-emphasized. You cannot compare your life or judge your own reality by other people’s social media posts. Sometimes, when you look really deep into other people’s lives, you’ll realise that they don’t really have it better than you.

Nollywood actress, Shaffy Bello buttressed this point when she was asked by The Sun what lessons life has taught her.

She said,

“Been an actor has taught me so many things. Fame doesn’t bring you happiness. Unfortunately, on social media, people put the good days as the best days and one of the things that I urge young artistes is to let them know that their self confidence matters. When you follow me on social media, I choose the pictures that I put there.

Pictures are filtered to make me look good and make you see the good side of me. We all have good times and bad times. Don’t ever think that the picture (of actors) that you see on social media are who we are.

Been an actor has shown that people want to place me on a high pedestal and they want to see artistes as heroes. We are not heroes but artistes. The heroes are the mothers, the teachers in public schools, single mothers and fathers, not the artistes.

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It doesn’t make us heroes but everyday human beings. But if you want to channel me to be that super hero, just know that I am human and mistakes will come. Life has taught me that all that glitters is not always gold.

As a person, I seek for more peace and humility. I am always driven to have inner peace and would rather be happy and fulfilled.

Shaffy has chosen to always be private with her life, but my work life on social media is what I am working on. The pictures that you want to see, the characters that I play in movies or when I am on set, I present them on social media. But what happens in my home I am not going to put it out there. So, my private life will remain private.”


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