These 22 Stories From Mothers Who Almost Cried Over Spilled Breast Milk Are Too Real!


The world breastfeeding week began on the 1st of August and it is done to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. Although exclusive breastfeeding has always been encouraged, the struggle to go through with it can only be expressed by the women doing it.

“It’s when you spill breast milk that you really understand why it’s called “liquid gold”,” Princess Faboya said, sharing one of the struggles breastfeeding mothers go through.

In commemoration of the breastfeeding week, an Instagram user, @Diaryofanaijagirl asked breastfeeding mothers how they felt when they spilled their expressed milk.

We compiled 22 responses


Just a month after delivery, I remember very well one night I wasn’t feeling too well and I still had to express for the night(Baby sleeps with grandma). I don’t know the devil that pushed my hand to knock over the bottle of milk while trying to get something. Come and see how I started crying with tears o, even my mum and hubby got scared thinking it was something else, I can’t forget that night because I was battling hormones, sickness and also struggling with breast milk production.


So, there was this day I went home directly from work just so I could express for the next day. I balanced in my expressing corner and I expressed 250ml and felt really really cool with myself. I set the bottle down in a bowl and bent down to cover it. In the process, the teat dropped from my hand and in the process of trying to stand up, I kicked the bowl. Fam, I kicked the bowl containing my hard labour consisting of 250ml of liquid gold.

I just sat down on the floor and cried my eyes out. I must have been there for 45mins. I was really sad for myself and the baby. I think I had to drink yoghurt and pap that night just to get something to pump out. Looking back now, I can laugh at myself and even chide myself for crying but that day it wasn’t funny. I really used to think people who spilled milk were very careless until it happened to me. Never say never.


I remember when I was still pregnant, I mistakenly spilled my sister’s expressed milk and she just stared at it. I laughed in my mind. Three months later, I had 6oz of my spilled milk on the floor. I just stared at it. I couldnt cry, couldnt hiss. I just stared!! My heart literally broke in two. The memory still hurts!


I remember one night I was obviously exhausted. I was pumping and didn’t attach bottles. Only realised when I felt the wetness on my clothes. Choi! I wanted to slap myself …. really hard


I had this impromptu interview the next day, so i stayed awake the night before to quickly express as I didn’t have any milk on ground for my baby as she was on exclusive breastfeeding. After i finished around early hours of the morning, I left the bottle on the table to get the actual feeding bottle to transfer the milk. By the time i returned from the kitchen to the sitting room(just 2 mins waka o) i found the bottle bent on the table and the contents on the floor.

I noticed I didn’t tighten the pump on the bottle properly and the weight of the pump pulled it down. I didn’t know whether  to start crying. I was so sad and just stood there staring. Anyways I had to start up again and got just a little. Honestly it was very sad.


Haaaaa!!! The day it happened to me ehn, I cried like a baby!! I was hoping to feed my baby at night with expressed milk, only for my sister to pour it out because I told her to wash the bottles. Gosh! I was so furious, I guess she didn’t understand why I was that mad. The thing dey pain person sha.


After 1hr of pumping, it finally reached 200ml then the spill. My chest!!!!! Liquid gold spill. Then they wake up to tell me 100ml is not enough.


Not long after I had my baby, I was just coming out of lactation problems and just got these milk storage bags. I don’t even know why I was excited about those bags then but on this fateful morning, my boobs were ready with liquid gold and I was glad. So I expressed milk into the storage bag, I don’t even know what happened but alas I saw the bag of milk of the floor and sadly it was the bag that contained milk from my boob that produces more milk. I swear I was tempted to try and scoop the milk back into the bag. I just said to myself “this life sef”


There i was, feeling cool with nashura teats and freshly expressed miik. She took one look at me and my bottle, squeezed her face, should I not respect myself? Nope. I gave her the bottle, she calmly sent bottle flying in the air, milk spraying, bottle cracked on the floor. Dad was laughing whilst my mouth was agape. She now climbs up, pulls down my top and starts suckling. I got the memo. No more bottles. She never ever took a bottle.


You don’t know real pain till you spill a bottle of expressed milk and your dog laps it up before your mind can even process what just happened.


I cried o, I didn’t remember this “you don’t cry over spilt milk something.” Even if I remembered, I would have cried jooorr. That expressing something is not easy. Thank God I’m done.


The first time this happened to me, I cried so much then it turned to anger when hubby was saying I shouldn’t worry that I will pump again now. My chest was just tight throughout that day.


Hmmmm.. I couldn’t shed tears that day.  As a first time mum, that day was the first time I will have 2 full bottles of breast milk. I was happy that I will at least sleep small today. On my way going to store it, the thing just spilled. I wanted to flog myself that day. Since then I carry one bottle at a time.


Gosh, this experience is so painful o. Happened to me when I was exclusively breastfeeding my first. Had been so stressed at work that production that day was so slow. Pumped one breast, filled a storage bag and kept the remaining in another bag so I can add whatever came out from the other. I mistakenly knocked over the storage bag not knowing I didn’t zip it well. It was not funny, I tell you.


I believe the more annoying one is caregivers ‘wasting’ the milk just because they see it in the freezer, thinking “oh it is there na, shebi u will pump more”. I cannot count the number of times I screamed at my nanny for “milk wastage.”


I was so depressed that I cried the whole night and the following day I took my baby to work because the milk refused to come.


I was visiting my friend one and we were watching a video on Instagram that was so funny while she expressed. Fiam, whole bottle of expressed milk dropped on the floor because she was laughing so hard her hand hit the side table. Do you know she started crying? When I said it’s not that serious now, she cried louder.


Oh my God, it was annoying. I can’t lie. I cried like a baby and my hubby made it worse by laughing at me. I just felt like I lost money.


It wasn’t funny oo especially when you have small breast and the stress to start again. The crying wasn’t here o


Breastfeeding is a serious struggle. At the hospital on the 4th day, I finally got milk! I expressed and placed it down to get the lid. My leg hit the table. Next thing i know, my liquid gold is on the floor. I cried enh, no one could console me. I am even teary now.


Today I almost cried because I spilled half of one bag of milk. Almost left both bags out without putting it in the refrigerator. When my son was younger, I’ve legit cried because I spilled my expressed milk.


This question just brought back a sad memory. I was a first time mum struggling with breastmilk production until @themilkbooster_ came to my rescue. Waking up in the middle of the night to express because I was told production is high at night. I was expressing manually…fiam fiam fiam and then when bottle was almost full my village people arrived and I dozed. Just 1 second of closed eyes, bottle fell on the floor. I wept and no one could console me. I cried louder when I heard the loud snore of hubby in the other room.





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