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This Letter Idara Got From Her Mother-in-law Is Every Woman’s Dream


We have read so many stories of sour relationships between mothers in-law and their daughters- in-law, so we were over joyed to came across this letter from a mother in-law celebrating her daughter in-law.

According to Taira, having Idara in her family assured her that she didn’t lose her son.

Read her beautiful letter as written on her Facebook page

“Celebrating this precious daughter of mine – Idara Ini Afaha Akpan

In case you’re wondering. No, it’s not her birthday but it doesn’t have to be, does it?

I’m celebrating her and thanking God for the great gift of her as a daughter for me and as a wife for my son just well, just because

Idara is beautiful. Very beautiful. Outside. And inside. Idara is also extremely intelligent, wise, super-prayerful and so she builds.

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She and her husband have built a very beautiful relationship. It is a joy to be able to witness the marriage and family they have lovingly placed so carefully and deliberately in His care.

A joy to witness the great young man she and her husband are building up (by His grace and with His help) from the God sent gift of their son-my grandson. A joy.

It’s been such a joy watching her transform from the lovely young girl I met a few years ago when Ini brought her over, into the confident young wife, and mother that she has blossomed into today. A joy!

Idara is a wonderful cook! She puts together the most amazing and delicious meals. Painstakingly making sure they are super fresh and super nutritious (Idara is a healthy eating guru)! This mother has learnt a lot from this daughter of mine! I’m amazed at the wealth and depth of the knowledge she has stored in her pretty head!

Talk about style, class, and elegance? She doesn’t just have it – Idara spreads it! She has often served as a personal stylist to me, always just a whatsapp message away. (Mom, this will suit you. Mom, this hair cut will look good on you. Mom you should try this for your skin.) Then when the beautiful girl who’s married to your son sends you a message saying..

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“Love you.

We miss you so much.

Come and visit

Let’s have some ladies time. Let me pamper you!

You will feel renewed I promise! You deserve it.”


(Along with the picture of a hair product she recommended for me) sends a message to say…

“I was at the mall

I got it for you

Love you mama”.

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You know for sure that you definitely didn’t ‘lose a son’ when he got married. You were abundantly blessed with another extremely beautiful daughter!

Incidentally, the name, Idara, means “JOY”. Idara is a joy to have in our family! So I celebrate her today and every day.

Thank You Lord for my precious Idara Ini Afaha Akpan!

Idara, I love you. God bless and keep you safe, happy and well for us always, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Celebrating this precious daughter of mine – Idara Ini Afaha Akpan 💖💞💕💞💖In case you're wondering…No, it's not her…

Posted by Taira Afaha-Akpan on Monday, August 13, 2018

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