This Might Not Be a Big Deal for Some, but For Uriel It Is an Achievement


2017 Big Brother housemate, Uriel Oputa has always used her Instagram page to encourage her fans, while sharing her true life story. 

Sharing few words about her days of humble beginnings, especially when she just relocated to Nigeria, losing a 5-year relationship and struggling with depression and anxiety. Uriel says, she has learnt to trust God through it all as he is always right.

On her Insta stories, she wrote,

“This might not be a big deal to some but I’m so proud of myself for the first time since moving to Nigeria. I paid my rent straight up without owing, running from the landlord or borrowing. The worst part is, I wasn’t single then. Lol.

I don’t live in a fancy mansion but I’m trying. Little steps. I need to work harder. I hold my head up high even when I use my beloved Taxify, because I know where I’m going. This is just a phase.

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God, you knew what you were doing when my relationship failed. 5 years and nothing, I screamed. Fast forward to today, those five years were filled with nothing. God has a plan, wipe your tears and smile my sister/brother. He’s a miracle worker.

I’ve always struggled with depression and anxiety. I’ve been in hospitals because of anxiety and high blood pressure. But since my break up, I’ve learnt that we have to read in between the lines. I was forcing marriage on a man God did not make for me.

When we broke up after 5 years, he found his wife in 6 months. But if I’m honest, God gave me signs I just didn’t listen. I wish I did but in the end, I’m winning. Paying my rent simply from working hard is a big deal.

Note to self. Trust God with all your heart. My sister, life is a test.”



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