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35 Women In Their 30s Share One Critical Life Lesson They Have Learnt


Women in their 30s or just approaching this age usually have a lot on their mind. From their career to financial life, starting a family or taking a new path to finding themselves, there is always an uncertainty that comes with this age.

A twitter user, @Moechievous asked women in their 30s to share something critical they’ve learnt in their journey and we extracted 35 responses.

Read through their responses below and learn from these well of experiences. We will also like to read from you.

Ozzy Etomi‏ @ozzyetomi

Live EVEN more, stop worrying about things; you will find your way. Trust your instincts more, listen to your gut and follow it. Believe in yourself. Dont permit anyone to get in your head. YOU ARE (mostly) ALWAYS RIGHT. Be more patient.

A!‏ @TheHelpedWoman

That 30 is not the defining age to measure life achievements. Breathe, relax, follow the process! Invest. Save. Take that vacation. Start again if you need to. Take that chance. Start a side hustle. Let your hair down.

Name:‏Verified account @DamiElebe

People will make you feel old, like now you are 30 and above, time is running out on everything. Your career, your relationship, your life in general but the truth is don’t let that 3 by your age fool you into rushing anything. Work with your own pace and tweak as needed.

Remember that time is ticking for everyone. We don’t really know how long we are here for we just know that we are awake and we have a plan. Also, every year, put down a goal. You don’t have to make the goal 100% but 10% into the goal is better than the 0% you started with.

Tamara‏ @tamaraedolor

  1. Never. Ever. underestimate yourself. 2. You will fail….Many times. Never be too afraid to fail that you don’t try at all. Take that shot! 3.Never ignore your instincts. 4. Build profitable relationships. 5. Learn. Learn. Learn. 6. 30 is the new 18! Chill,babe!

Mercy Okiro‏ @OkiroMakena

I am not in my 30s per se but soon. 1.Know your worth as a human, add tax. Walk away from BullShit relationships in all settings. You will regret staying 2.Have a solid support system. You’ll need it 3.Invest in yourself. Body and mind. Never stop learning 4. Mentorship. 5.Take your place at the table. 6. Learn how to take Ls gracefully 7. Heal your inner child. She will keep popping up on you 8. Don’t dwell in the dark too long. Life does begin at 30. Be kind to yourself.

Obiamaka O.‏ @obiamakaChi

Don’t do stuff simply because of culture/society/tradition/him/her! Do it simply cos you want to. Be HIGHLY purposeful about preserving your joy & peace, cos no one else will, not even family. Be kind to yourself, you’ll definitely make mistakes, learn from them. Be curious! LIVE

Engage in self-care, look inwards, be introspective & self-critical ONLY so you can weed out what doesn’t help you grow or give you joy and fulfillment. Set appointments with yourself to do things you enjoy! Realize that despite everything, YOU MATTER!!!

Elektra Abundance’ child‏ @guguluv

Never diminish yourself for a men. Never allow a man’s insecurities stop u from pursuing your dreams. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, take care of her. Money is everything, work to get it…. Age is not a yardstick of achievement. Don’t compete. Do the things you enjoy, b with ppl you enjoy.

Rachael Golem‏ @rachaelgolem Career-wise: set your goals but re-assess them periodically. Sometimes we put blinders up and follow a path others set for us and lose track of ourselves.

Love-wise: If you are looking for a partner, take time to know and love yourself first. You will demand what you deserve when you know your worth.

Oluwatosin Olaseinde‏ @tosinolaseinde

Take your health seriously Start imbibing all the good health habits early It’s not too late

Fifs!‏ @ineffablewaters

Take time to get to know yourself. There’s still so much ahead. Life doesn’t end when you turn 30, there’s no off switch. Save as much money as you can. Travel. Live. Life is going nowhere. There is no pause button. Read. Have fun. Ignore other people’s expectations. Live for you

Nneka O.  🇳🇬‏ @Playm8z

Even if you think you’re not achieving much in your 20s, you’re at the very least amassing life skills. I had many years when I felt lost and without purpose, but in my 30s I’ve been able to go back to certain situations and apply skills i learnt in my 20s. Be kind to yourself.

Tolulope Olorundero‏ @ToluComms

Finish what you start – most of the time. Don’t let others dictate your life. The race is definitely not for the swift. Make plans, but be flexible to change. Do as much as you can before the kids come. You will have to slow down a bit for some time.

El.‏ @LolaRxstar

– Don’t let the fear of being “old and alone” force you to settle. Go on dates, meet people, it helps you figure out your likes & dislikes. – Any partner that keeps asking you to make one-sided sacrifices (esp. w/ your career) is a selfish partner & you should get rid of them.

Oluwatosin Olaseinde‏ @tosinolaseinde

I should have started investing earlier I should have started @themoneyafrica earlier I should have not stressed about the future path Everything works out eventually

Ati Amali‏ @nefferati

It’s never too early to Cut off toxic relationships (friends/men/family). Family is not only by Blood, Know your tribe. Wash. Cleanse. Moisturize, Your skin is forever. Travel. Read. Experience Life! Know the difference between what you want and what you need. Learn to save.

Furaha Asani‏ @DrFuraha_Asani

That going on medication for my mental illness has been a positive step for me. I wish I’d done so a decade ago. That speaking openly about my mental illness empowers me and makes me feel like I’m bringing it all into the light. That there are people who support me.

A Queen‏ @cvyahh

Major: financial literacy …..get it. Save and invest but learn also to travel, spoil and enjoy yourself and your friends. Start building major blocks in your career. Invest in quality relationships/networks. Don’t stay in any relationship/friendship that is dragging you down

Sue‏ @loladesue

Phew, child! Lol.They lied, your 30s are going to be your best years yet, you’re more decisive, you know exactly what you want and won’t settle for less, you priorities make you glad, you realize your worth. It’s amazing. I wish younger me wasn’t scared of maturing, wasted energy

tomi owopetu iken‏ @tomipetu 24h24 hours ago

You are not here to be liked by everyone and that is fine. Love yourself genuinely and deeply and be kind

Tamara‏ @tamaraedolor

It took me a while to get this. Now that I do…I love it!


Bring back our girls‏ @adaeze_nwankwo

That, starting that side gig shouldn’t wait. That choosing you first is self care,not selfish That travelling awakens something deep in you. That having great sex, is absolutely fine. That, leading your own lane, might be unpopular, but it is your truth. Make each day count.

El.‏ @LolaRxstar

– It’s never too late to start over. Don’t ever feel like you’re getting too old for anything. New career, going back to school, walking away from a failed relationship etc.

Afọláshadé‏ @ShecrownLita

It looks really bleak before 30.. there is absolutely no need to rush… The time to reap is here . And don’t forget eye cream and stay faithful to living healthy..

Duchess of JTown‏ @debiemangut

Dont let your failures shame you; truly, nobody is actually watching or keeping count. Understand the art of failure. Because in it you find your stepping Stones to success.

El.‏ @LolaRxstar

– Network effectively & stay in touch. Have drinks, hit them up when you’re in town etc. There are so many doors down the line your network could open up for you. – Save, but also treat yourself. You have less responsibilities in your 20’s & more energy. Travel, be adventurous

Miza Muriel‏ @miza_muriel

Marriage is not an achievement

No to #RapistPOTUS‏ @HerMillennials

Don’t ever expect males to empathize with you. They have the capacity but choose not to use it. #AllImTryingToSayIsThatTheyDontReallyCareAboutUs

Funmi‏ @Funms

Live in the present and stop being so focused on the destination that you miss the journey itself. Love yourself more and be stricter with boundaries.

Adaora Okoli‏ @DrAdaora

Dont worry about acceptance. You will get to really know you and enjoy your own company. You will come into your own and things will start to get clearer. What lies ahead is greater than what is behind. You will really start to feel like an adult.

Ms. Kagwe_ria‏ @KagweMs

Protect your mental space, your thoughts are powerful. It is okay to subscribe and unsubscribe from beliefs, thoughts and habits that no longer bring you joy and peace. Not everyone has to be in your life and it is okay.

Komolafe Tolulope‏ @betkom

  1. You don’t need a lot of friends to live a good life. 2. Never let people get away with BS 3. Never let anyone take your voice away from you

 🌹Joannah 🌹‏ @TheRealJoMari

Every single pain you will experience will lead you to a new level of knowledge and power and after you heal, you will wish you didn’t feel so bad about your experience in that previous moment of pain. This knowledge will help you take life as it comes. I’m not in my 30’s yet tho

Wheelpower  🇰🇪 ✊🏾 🚲‏ @shecyclesnbi

It gets better and clearer with time.

Cate Karimi‏ @C4t3k

If you are in your 20s and are blessed to be reading this tweet, pin it and read it weekly and be grateful you had the opportunity and knowledge about these things beforehand. Then say a prayer of gratitude for all your universal sisters here who have given it to you for free.

Summer Child‏ @missamaks

You are more than you think you are. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. Get that degree, make those moves, you deserve it all. Be nicer.




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