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6 Naija Women Tell Us What They Think About Legalizing Abortion



The only time abortion is permitted in Nigeria is if the life of a woman is endangered by her pregnancy, otherwise, abortion is seen as a crime. However, some people are clamoring that the procedure should be legalized so as to reduce the incidences of the rate of deaths from unsafe abortions.

While this reason may be valid, not everyone agrees with it. We asked some Naija women what they thought about it and 6 women shared with us, their views.


It’s a moral issue and people should be making that decision by themselves and should face the consequences of their action by themselves. If a woman is faced with a life threatening pregnancy, no one should be judging her for making the decision to terminate and save her life. Rape is also a very dicey situation to conceive a child and I believe any victim of rape should be allowed to make decisions based on what’s best for them.


At 6 weeks, you can hear the heartbeat of your own child and the very person that that life is totally dependent on chooses to snatch the life from the little one! Abortion is Murder. If you believe in the Bible, check Ecclesiastes 11:5. The spirit of a child comes to them in the womb, they’re living humans too. Years ago, my friend’s cousin died while getting an abortion. I could only wonder what she would tell her maker what brought her to him. Except you believe in the big bang theory, then you can bang your baby into nothing where they came from and when you die, you can also bang into nothingness.


Yes it should be legal. That way people can go to respectable doctors or hospitals to save wombs and lives.


No it shouldn’t, because it will be abused.


The people championing the cause of abortion feels that well, if you legalise abortion at least it will reduce the incidence of unsafe abortion. That means the procedure taking place by an unskilled person, in an environment that is not fully equipped to take care of it and truly, they have a point.


From my own point of view, you are terminating life. For the fact that you are legalising abortion does not necessarily decrease the incidence because apart from the fact that it’s not legal and people go to quacks, also, if you talk about the poverty level as well, the skilled people don’t come cheap. So, even if you legalise it, people might still go to quacks because they cannot afford the skilled personnel.


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