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A Woman’s Sweat-No-Small-Stuff Guide to Having a Marriage Free of Drama



Every marriage has its ups and downs, but it is important to grow through those challenges. Raquel Kasham Daniel, an educator learnt a critical lesson on her  wedding day and it has helped in the course of her marriage.

While marriages are different, you can learn something from Raquel’s story.

Read her story,

Right after our traditional wedding ceremony, I got a shocking news: OUR RINGS HADN’T ARRIVED the country. For a few seconds I was sad, immediately I recalled what @theOluwaseun said to me a month before, “even if the cake falls off that morning, even if your dress gets messed up, remember that the only thing that matters is that YOU and I show up and we’re still willing to go on with it”. I simply asked, “do we have an alternative?” and my friend said “yes, right here”.

When I told @theOluwaseun the rings hadn’t arrived and we’re using another to swap a week after the wedding, he replied “like I’ve said before, tomorrow and even in our marriage, remember never to sweat the small stuff“. Gosh, I married a wise man! Our rings arrived a week after the wedding and that settled it.

We learnt something critical from that experience that shaped our marriage completely from the very beginning: We never sweat the small stuff (by the way, know what “small” is in your own marriage).

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For us, the small stuff are things like: leaving the living room curtains open when the other likes them shut, snoring, leaving the toilet seat up, pressing the toothpaste from the middle, leaving clothes all over the place after work, hanging wet towels on the wardrobe door, leaving the kitchen sink dirty with dishes over night, access to each other’s mobile phones etc.

We knew from the very beginning that we’re both coming into the marriage with habits that will bug the other and we were ready not to sweat it and with God’s help, we didn’t. Today, I asked “Bobo, on a scale of 1 to 10, how have we done in this marriage?” he said “11 baby, 11” I smiled as he went on to tell me why he feels we did really great and why we never fought or went to bed angry or upset at each other. We read and hear stories of other couples and we’re grateful for a DRAMA free marriage.

Honestly, sometimes there is value in addressing small issues in marriage, but more often than not, it’s best to just let them go”.

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