Linda Ikeji’s Slam-Dunk Open Letter To Her Staff Who Was Accused Of Rape


Popular blogger, Linda Ikeji has warned an ex-staff, Theo Ukpaa, who was accused of rape, against releasing a statement denying the allegations against him or calling any of his victims liars, else, she would expose him and charge him to court.

Theo was the Head of Programmes at Linda Ikeji TV before his sack.

What happened

On the 25th of August this year, a Nigerian model, Emilia Samuel shared on her Instagram page, how she was raped many times by Theo. According to her, she met Theo when she was 16 and had just won a modelling contract at Sound City Africa, where Theo was a staff.

He had been asking her out but she kept saying no to his advances. She was at the studio one day for her training when he overpowered her, raped and disvirgined her. After the incidence, she decided to see him when he wouldn’t stop demanding that they see so that he would be sure he had been forgiven, but he drove to her to his house and raped her again.

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As a model, Emilia explained that they had to do a job together and while on the job, Theo beat and raped her, then finally resorted to blackmailing her with her bikini pictures and because she came from a reserved home, she was scared that if he releases it, she would be in trouble.

“He said if I don’t keep seeing him, he will make them public and that was how I continued to get raped until he travelled abroad and forgot about me,” she wrote.

According to her, she got STDs from the rape and never knew but found out many years later. Emilia, who is now married and a mother of two said she decided to publicly share her story because she knows that his victims may not be able to speak out and also to prevent him from doing further damages.

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Different reactions

After her story broke out, a lot of people condemned his action while calling for his sack and arrest. Some people think that the matter should be properly investigated to verify Emilia’s story so that Theo is not unjustly punished.

Meanwhile, Linda Ikeji sacked Theo a day after she read Emilia’s story but published the story of his sack, four days after.

“His job with my company was terminated on Monday August 27th just a day after I read the heartbreaking story of Emilia Samuel,” it read on the website.

Theo’s reaction

At the time when Emilia made her allegations against Theo, there was no response from him but his Instagram page was deleted almost immediately.

13 days later, Theo has just responded to the allegations against him. According to him, the reason he couldn’t respond immediately was because he had just gotten married and was on his honeymoon when the allegations broke out.

He denied everything Emilia wrote about him, claiming they were false and a defamation of his character.

But, his former boss, Linda Ikeji has warned him against coming out with any other statement denying the allegations against him or calling his victims liars. According to her, “I know more than most right now, ” she wrote, adding that “If you think that I am going to sit back and watch you victimise your victims, or humiliate them further, by making them seem like liars, you have another thing coming.”

She advised that he sought help or bury his head in shame.

Read Emilia’s story below

Here’s Linda Ikeji’s warning to Theo Ukpaa

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