“No One Told Us That Most Times We Had To Give More Than Just Our Brains To Get That Dream Job!” – Ronke Ojo Speaks Out On the Sex-For-Jobs Culture in Nigeria


“Remember when I went for an interview in a big organization. After the whole process the Head of HR was asking for threesome to get the Job. You should see this man’s profile picture on Linkedin and WhatsApp. Looks so responsible. Quoting Bible passages on WhatsApp status. And this stupid man is married. I was just too weak to insult him” Hibikay, an Instagram user, said.

Nollywood actress, Ibironke Ojo-Anthony, popularly known as Ronke Oshodi-oke, shared her thoughts on how young Nigerians are made to do the unimaginable for jobs. According to her, what used to come by merit, now has to be earned with sex despite the fact that a job seeker may be qualified for the post advertised.

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Some of the women who commented after reading her post shared their experience, noting that it was becoming frustrating. Sadly, the state of the country’s economy is an encouraging factor of this incidences.

“I got a job somewhere recently and the MD is the most useless human being I have ever seen. He doesn’t care if you are married or not. Oh, the young girls he too advantage of. I really felt bad because some parents don’t care or bother to know where their children goes to. Please and please, educate your children, most especially girls. In this Lagos, things are happening. The worse part is, there was never a job” Ikekhuahiyabo said.

Encouraging people to hold on to their morals, Ronke advised that they shouldn’t sell their body for sex or for a job.

Ronke wrote,

We were all born with different dreams!! We all had plans!! We all pictured our lives in perfection!! We were ready to take over the world!!
But no one told us the sacrifices we had to pay!! No one told us of the exchange involved!! No one told us that being a girl child came with its own torture and ungodly sacrifices!! No one told us that most times we had to give more than just our brains to get that dream job!! ___

Back then it was all by merit but right now the story is twisted!! It is now a thing of knowing someone at the top or using what you have to get what you want!! The society is sick!! ___

Most girls are now scared to even be friends with their bosses, so as to avoid the unknown!! Sex is now the new application letter!! ___

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Even guys are not left out!! Female/male bosses use most of these guys as a tool of satisfaction all in the name giving them their dream job!! ___

To everyone out there going through this sickening situation the country has put us all in, please my darling ❤ take a step backwards and ask yourself for how long? To what end?
Restructure your life! Rediscover yourself! Pursue your dreams!! Be a noisemaker if you have to❤ Dare to become more and hustle legitimately!! Iyanu ma shele!! Don’t sell your body for money or any JOB!


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