These Widows Make a Living by Crying At the Funerals of Strangers


Are you planning a funeral and you want tears flowing like a river because of your love for the deceased? Not to worry, there is a group of women, known as the Funeral Contractors Association, who are ready to shed tears in exchange for money.

A video by BBC Africa showed some Ghanaian women wailing at someone’s funeral. The women are all widows who decided to start the business to make money.

They do not have to know the deceased. All they are needed to do is to cry and their fee is dependent on how large the funeral is.

Their Leader, Ami Dokli speaks to BBC Africa.

“Some people don’t know how to cry. Some people, when they lost their relatives, they don’t know how to talk and cry. My name is Ami Dokli, I’m a funeral contractor. People come in to pick me to go to their funerals to cry for them. We are all widows. After our husbands died, we decided to come together to help those who cannot cry, cry. So, if we are not there, it will not go on well with them. Some funerals are big funerals. Some are normal so whenever you’ve invited us and we come in and we notice how big the funeral is, is how we charge. It’s a normal thing. We will all die one day” she said.

"We help those who cannot cry to cry."

The women paid to cry at the funerals of strangers in Ghana.

Posted by BBC News Africa on Saturday, June 30, 2018

The comments on BBC Facebook page revealed that the practice of hiring people to cry at a funeral is not a new one. According to a commenter, it is a normal practice in most part of Africa and some advanced world and has no religious undertone or affiliation but strictly culture.

“We have (had) something similar in Taiwan, except we also use microphones and speakers to broadcast the entire process,” Jackie Su said, noting that it is not only an African thing.

In Sardinia, an Italian Island, and many parts of India, such practices is said to take place also.









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