This Is Why Ara Thunder Decided To Pick Up And Own The Talking Drum


When the French President, Emmanuel Macron came on a visit to Nigeria in July this year, Ara Thunder was one of the artistes selected to entertain him.

Ara Thunder  is one of the few women in Nigeria that plays the traditional “talking drum” instrument. The talking drum is a West African instrument that is traditionally played by men. Asides from its primary use, it is also used to transmit messages between villages.

As a woman playing the talking drum, Ara believes that gender should not be a reason why a person can’t do something.

In her chat with BBC Africa, Ara talks about preserving the African culture.

“One thing I don’t really like about what we do, we don’t promote our own culture and that is very bad. And that is why I actually picked up the talking drum and owning it and saying to the people in Africa, ‘we have the uniqueness, we have the richness,’ so, we should promote our culture.”

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