This Medical Doctor Shares How She Almost Lost Her Baby Because She Didn’t Want To Have Cesarean Section


“I must deliver like the Hebrew women,” is a statement that has killed many women because they wanted to have the vaginal birth. While it is not bad to want a vaginal delivery, it is ridiculous to insist on it when having cesarean section is the only way out to having a live baby.

Sadly, being literate does not stop some women from insisting on a vaginal birth as it is in the case of this Nigerian medical practitioner, Dr. Adeleye-Oshunpidan Wumi, who almost lost her child until she realised that CS was the only way for her to have her baby.

Narrating her story to Diaryofanaijagirl, Dr. Adeleye-Oshunpidan said she wants women to know that cesarean section is not a death sentence.

She said,

Most times when women are told they will have a C section, I hear a lot of “I reject it in Jesus name, it’s not my portion, awuzubillahi.” I thought I knew better until I was in those shoes and still struggled with the scary thought of not having a vaginal birth.

When I went into labour with my first child, after many contractions, being monitored by the doctors and 18 hours of being in labour with strong contractions, I never dilated beyond 2cm, I was told “Doc you are going to have a CS because you ain’t dilating and the baby is going into distress.”

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Yours truly began to pray, speak in tongues and reject it at the same time. The next thing I saw on the monitor was my baby’s heart rate going up. It was then I knew there was fetal distress. I immediately called my hubby saying, “Oya let them do it oh, now now.”

At the end, I had a strong Healthy boy, who came out with a serious tangling of the cord round his neck, meaning if I had delivered normally he would have been a fresh still birth. Wow!!! Women please CS is not a death sentence. The most important thing is to have both mother and baby in good health. The most painful one is when those who ran away, refusing to have CS come back for the CS but by then, the baby is dead but they still have to have the CS to bring out a dead baby.

I remember when I registered my son in school. I wasn’t asked if he was delivered through vaginal birth or CS. Let’s let go of this mindset. Please help a woman not to loose her child and not increase maternal mortality.

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