Three Things We Learnt From Ade Hassan’s Entrepreneurial Journey



The global lingerie market is worth over $28bn and Ade Hassan’s company, Nubian Skin is one of the key players in this industry. Ade started her lingerie company, which focuses on the nude colour, out of frustration of not getting underwear that matched her colour in the market.

Founded in 2014, Nubian Skin now has customers in over 50 countries and they are extending their range of nude products.

Her chat with BBC Africa, revealed three lessons that young entrepreneurs have to take note of .

That problem can be a good business idea

There is no problem that is particular to just one person. If you are facing a challenge, know that someone has come across it and there are people who are still going to face it. so, solve that challenge and your solution becomes a business.

“It was really born out of frustration and all growing up at the early part of my career especially the corporate world. I could never find simple things like tights that were my skin tone and having something so simple, like nude, not represent you, can feel very exclusive, almost like you were an afterthought.”

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Leverage on social media

Social media has proven to be very effective in advertising and sales, especially for small businesses that do not have funding for marketing.

“Social media for us was a great leveler because we didn’t have an audience and we didn’t have a big marketing budget at all but we did have amazing imagery and because of that, our campaign went viral because hadn’t seen that kind of image before. all of a sudden it started trending on twitter and Instagram, which meant that mainstream media picked it up…”

Never think of giving up

Failing is part of the process.

“As an entrepreneur, you are going to face failure constantly and especially if you are new to it, it might not be something that you’re particularly familiar with and so one of the things that you really have to do get comfortable with is realizing that just because something fails doesn’t mean that you are a failure.”



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