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What Married Men Did To Me – True Confession


Tolulope Adejumo is a faith, marriage and lifestyle vlogger. As someone who worked in the marketing department of a bank, Tolulope said she often came across married men who wanted to mix business with pleasure but three things held her back.


Right from when I was young, I knew what I wanted my marriage to be. I wanted a good Christian marriage and that will involve my husband being faithful to me. That would involve us not defiling the marriage bed, so, I didn’t expect that I won’t sleep with someone else’s husband and when I get to the stage where I am married, my husband will not go and sleep with somebody else outside. It doesn’t make any sense to think that you are going to sleep with somebody else’s husband for free. You will get money in your pocket but you will get something called Karma. What goes around comes back around. It is real. I have seen people that it has happened to.

And the funny thing is that some people say its okay for the man to cheat, “as long as he’s not doing it to my face.” Do you know that that thing is so real? A lot of people believe in it, including young women like me and it is sad because in the real sense of it, what a good Christian marriage is all about, nobody is supposed to step outside of the marriage bed. A good Christian marriage should not have infidelity involved at all.

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Nothing Valuable To Offer

It is obvious that the things these guys have to offer are things that are linked with vanity. I remember when Blackberry phone came out, now where is Blackberry today. Do you know how many people gave in to sex with people? Do you know how many people who used their bodies to buy Blackberry? Its not worth it because the things of this world are fast fading away. So, if you sleep with someone to get Iphone7, so, next year when Iphone8 comes out, you are going to sleep with somebody else to get it? I think the root of that is laziness.

If I know that I can work hard, God can bless me and be able to afford the things that I really want, why do I then want to take the shortcut or fast route and go and sleep with somebody else’s husband. These people that are sleeping with these men, they are causing pain to other women, they are spoiling somebody else’s marriage because of money.

Married men will not give you companionship, they will not give you peace of mind and its not worth it. There was a time that a married man was on my case but I was like, “at the end of the day, what are you going to offer me? You are not going to walk me to the altar and the risk is far greater than the pleasure.” Talk of STDs, because you don’t know how many others the man is sleeping with, the embarrassment and headache. It’s a lot. If you sit down and analyse it, you’ll realise it’s not worth it.

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Haunting Past

Recently, somebody came in to my family circle and he was somebody that was on my case and he’s been married for so long. I met him while I was still working in the bank. He wanted to sleep with me and I’m like, “no sir, I’m sorry. You are somebody I respect,” because he’s a popular person. So recently, he came into my space and he had to meet my husband… you know those things that happen in the movies that man meets woman, takes woman home to meet his parents and then they find out that the father of the man had slept with the woman…

It happened to me. Only that in my case, I was the one making fun of the man and gisting my husband about it. Can you just imagine the shame that would have come with it if I had given in? When the person came into my space and he saw me, he was startled and I still went on my both knees and greeted him.

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